Not a Parody -

Not a Parody


The great thing about YouTube and its supply of not-entirely-legal uploads: just when you think you’ve seen everything, the right combination of search words or a recommendation from another video will lead you to the craziest thing you’ve ever seen. So I thought I wasn’t capable of being surprised by a TV opening sequence that seems like it should be a parody, but I don’t think I’ve seen this one before. “He’s the cop of the future… a future cop!”

Of course, 35 years later, TV still hasn’t lost its ability to create moments of unintentional self-parody. You may have heard about this bit on Hawaii 5-0, where a plug for the sponsor was inserted into the show with incredible ham-handedness; it seemed like the writers saw the Burger King stuff on Arrested Development (“It’s a wonderful restaurant!”) and thought that was seriously how you’re supposed to do product placement. The writing on Hawaii 5-0 is heavy-handed in all ways, so it’s arguably just an example of them writing product placement the way they write everything else.


Not a Parody

  1. The worst product placement of recent years has to have been on the last season of Being Erica.  I thought it would be hard to beat the Nissan Rogue plotline from Heroes, but Being Erica managed to do it when she suddenly decided to test drive a Ford.

  2. I think people are overreacting to Hawaii Five-0’s Subway product placement – I’m a weekly viewer of the show and found it 100% in-character for him to say what he did the way he said it. That character has talked about other (brandless) foods that way on the show before plenty of times. The worst product placement I remember from recent years was Chuck with the minivan.

  3. There’s also Chuck’s continuing placement campaign for Subway, but while equally ham-fisted, at least the show actually has the levity to not make one cringe through the blurb. And they tend not to dwell on the health aspect: usually it’s just someone describing with some detail sandwich X and then declaring its deliciousness, and eating it.