Not shuffled, merely thrown under the bus


Senior Conservatives anonymously explain Peter MacKay’s situation.

Senior Conservatives said Mr. MacKay was guilty of “freelancing” when he attacked the credibility of public servant Richard Colvin over his testimony on the detainee issue before a parliamentary committee last fall. Still, moving the Defence Minister would be an admission of defeat by a government that maintains it has done nothing wrong on the file.


Not shuffled, merely thrown under the bus

  1. Surely – we don't hear cracks in the veneer of a united right – do we?
    The fact that Mackay dumped on Colvin was only incidental to the fundamental issue though isn't it?
    I guess just another example of sidestepping aka Harper sleight of hand…

  2. Ah, good ol' anonymous sources. You'd think they'd get busy from the furious spinning they always seem to be doing, yet they never do.

  3. "Senior Conservatives"

    What does that mean?

    MPs? Cabinet ministers? Fund raisers? Hired mouthpieces? Bob Fife?

  4. Isn't the real insult to our troops the fact that this government continues to assign its least competent members to oversee the Department of Defence while our country is at war?

    • Wouldn`t the real " insult to our troops" be if there was a gov`t that had a Rae, or a Dosanjh, or a Coderre as the Minister of Defence ?

      • Oh Dear Lord don't even say that. For heaven's sake – if Coderre were in the position we would be renting most of our equipment from the Russians.

      • Based on his book, Rick Hillier seemed pretty pleased with the job Bill Graham did, certainly compared to Peter MacKay and Gordon O'Connor. But what does he know…

        • Yes, lets base our opinions of cabinet ministers on their employees. I know I am going to rate Jim Flaherty based on what the Deputy Minister of Finance thinks.

          • Stop hating our troops, John D.

  5. Sometimes one does feel sorry for the PM. Always having to make an omelette without eggs.

    • yeah, it would have been interesting to see how he would have governed had he had a handful of competent ministers. would the firm grasp of control he seems to loved have loosened if he had a couple individuals around he could trust? wold there be an actual policy agenda? i dunno, but one can easily see how having the cast of Gilligan's Island at the cabinet table inhibits these possibilities.

  6. Ah, the "lone gunman" theory.

  7. no matter which side you come down on this is perfect timing for stevie – as Petie used to be the main ciontender in the wings and still can be in the game but more time will be needed.

    • what if there was another election and another Conservative minority, Would there be calls for SH to resign? Could a faction supporting MacKay gain traction? It could be the Chretien/Martin fracas in blue….. just how determined is Mr Harper?

    • I'm smiling at you right now, psiclone.

  8. Today's lesson…

    Q: How can you tell when an anonymous "Senior" source isn't really a senior source.

    A: When the senior source says that a Minister was freelancing even though he was using the exact same strategy that every other Minister uses to deflect criticism. Attack the credibility of the source.

  9. If MacKay is keeping his portfolio, then it's pretty clear that he hasn't really been thrown under the bus.

    What's clear is that the response to Colvin's allegations was stupendously botched by the Conservatives, beginning with MacKay's original response (which, in fairness, has often been unfairly distorted as "character assassination").

    A smarter response from MacKay would have been to summon Colvin to his office the day after he testified, interview him privately and then announce that the DND was going to launch a full internal investigation.

    • OK. So he hasn't been thrown under the bus, just pushed off the subway platform. The train just hasn't hit him yet.

      It seems like a pretty limp defense of the minister, and perhaps they can't quite run over him yet, because it would be an admission of a problem they haven't acknowledged quite yet.

    • Actually, a smarter response would have been to take responsibility for the government's actions in the first place.

  10. Harper tried to hard to peddle MacKay off to NATO to move him now.

    The Transport file requires action. Baird should start packing.

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