Noted: Patrick Brazeau's April 1 resignation -

Noted: Patrick Brazeau’s April 1 resignation


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Noted: Patrick Brazeau’s April 1 resignation

  1. Is there any chance the humourless responses were actually clever April Fools joke of their own? No? That’s just a little sad…

    • Wait, are you actually a Brazeau supporter? HEY EVERYONE, I FOUND HIM! WHAT DO I WIN?

      • All I know about him is he and JT had a boxing match, can’t be all bad.

        *Just came across an article about him at the NP. For once humourlessness is completely justified.*

        • I hear tell he had an impromptu boxing match with someone else, too. Allegedly.

  2. Double bunking this piece of sh*t with eric newman would too good for the likes of patrick brazeau.

  3. Say what you want about Brazeau; he’s a crass act

  4. Speaking of announcements on April 1, did anyone else see the “announcement” that Harper was stepping down for personal reasons (by-election on May 29)? I’m guessing it wasn’t widely circulated; it didn’t make any news roundup I saw of April Fool pranks.