Notes of Noteworthiness -

Notes of Noteworthiness


1. Let’s get the Monday Mailbag going again. Submit your question in the comments below. All questions will be read, but only some will be answered, proving yet again that we are all the playthings of fate*.

2. My picks for the second week of the NFL Playoffs will be up early this afternoon at the Couch Boys blog. Scott Reid’s picks will be there as well, though primarily as comic relief. (Arizona?? Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!)

3. In what can only be described as an historic first, Scott and I will be liveblogging the Eagles-Giants game this Sunday at 1 p.m. So come and join us, why not. I can pretty much guarantee at least 12 references to portliness.

* at any given time, several hundred of us are also the playthings of Charlie Sheen.

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Notes of Noteworthiness

  1. Sir: When two tribes go to war, is it in fact accurate to posit that a point is all they can conceivably hope to score?

    • Relax, dude. Don’t do it.

  2. Are you providing budgetary advice to Jim Flaherty, and if not, why not?

  3. I was wondering, is it worth it to watch an NFL game in Hi-Def, knowing that Andy Reid is one of the coaches, and will have frequent close-ups?

  4. Chewbacca: toilet or litter box?

    • goooooood question!

  5. So, will you two blogging fools be consuming popcorn and beer on Sunday? Me; I will be renting Dumb and Dumber and reading your blog…a doubleheader!!!!!!!!!

  6. Q: Do I look fat in this parka? Well, good: can I get a free second seat on the high-speed train to Montreal?

  7. Why do you always “hate on” the eagles?

  8. Two questions …

    1. Has cork recently been added to the endangered species list?

    2. If I retrieve a bottle of rather expensive wine from my cave, open it with a corkscrew, only to discover it’s actually a screw top, is there any way of conserving a small glass of it til breakfast time or must I drink it all right now?

  9. My suggestion for Feschuk’s Diktionary,’09:

    feschuk (verb) to toss your hat into the ring along with the towel and let it all hang out:

    Blinded by the starlight, Scottie giggled as he feschuked his sun visor, while mooning the starry knights and nighties.

  10. Is the recent cold snap Dion’s fault?

  11. Was Andrew Coyne’s new year resolution “to not blog anymore?”