Nothing to see here -

Nothing to see here


Jason Kenney, responding after QP to a reporter’s question about Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao’s comments.

I understand he was commenting on media commentary.


Nothing to see here

  1. Got any context for those suspiciously cherry-picked eight words? Why don't you post the whole transcript?

    • In China, is there a difference between media commentary and gov't commentary? Isn't that the real issue?

  2. This is actually true: the transcripts we receive are paid, out of gallery dues, to a private company which gets very upset if we post extended excerpts without charge. Gallery members have recently been reminded of this.

    In other news, it's good to know there's a leader somewhere who reads Canadian newspapers.

  3. Fair enough. No need for an extended excerpt, in that case. Perhaps just the question that was asked, and the parts of JK's response that weren't included in the original eight-word quotation.

    • Is Wherry not keeping you as up to date as you'd like to be. I'll guess I'll have to explain to him again how some people can only access Macleans on their computer.

  4. Maybe the Canadian federal bureau of redaction, a branch plant of the Giant Novelty Cheque division, is behind the short clip you wish to extoll, CR.

  5. 'Nothing to see here'
    That's pretty much what David Emerson said on Power Play today,

    Emerson also said that relations have been low with China for a decade 'pre-dating the Conservative government'

    Me thinks the general public is starting to get sick of the media/Liberals non-stop and unwarranted attacks on Canada,
    her military and her government.

  6. Good grief- Emerson, even though he didn't run in the last election, was a Conservative election guy and strategist. Of course, he has to buffer it for Harper.

  7. Huh? I'm not sure what you meant by that – I assume you were trying to be snippy. Don't you have some times tables that need memorising?

    • Classy.

      • Thanks, Tiggy!

  8. "I understand he was commenting on media commentary."

    Literally true, fundamentally irrelevant, and inherently obfuscatory.
    Harper should have told Wen where (and how) to get off, stood up, and left.

  9. I, for one, think it's rather nice of the Conservatives to continue the tradition of allowing the media to speak it's collective mind. Unlike in China…