Now is not the time for democracy (II) -

Now is not the time for democracy (II)


Ron Cannan seeks to clarify his previously reported explanation.

Yesterday, reported that Cannan said one of the reasons why his government decided to suspend parliament was to avoid the possibility of a non-confidence vote forcing an election before it has a chance to table its budget and implement the second phase of its economic stimulus program.

“I have no idea how that came into the conversation, obviously there was some misinterpretation,” Cannan said today.

He also said that his references to a non-confidence vote had to do with what the possibilities are once parliament resumes in March, rather than what might have happened had parliament not been prorogued. “Once the budget is tabled on March 4th, then when parliament’s in session, the opposition parties can vote non-confidence and force an election.”


Now is not the time for democracy (II)

  1. Amazing Harper has gotten away, twice, with suspending parliament for no real reason, and bluntly insulting Canadian voters along the way!

    Time for Iggy to force an election.
    Campaign hard, the smear ads work for the Tories (the reason we all think Dion is a nerd)

    Campaign on Liberal strengths, and record of previous office
    (budget surpluses, paid down debt, and decreased crime)

    • All good points, but let the pendulum swing
      be patient

      • I tend to agree. On the other hand they can't simply sit around and wait for the yearly outrage/scew up from Harper. The libs in particular have to make a case why they should be governing again.

        • Absolutely. The door is opening and Canadians are willing to listen, but Michael Ignatieff, and the Liberal party have to step up and earn this.

  2. All good points, but let the pendulum swing
    be patient

  3. With polls the way they are, why would Jack Layton vote against Steve Harper? So why would there be an election?

  4. … and obviously we need a strong government whilst missiles are raining down on Newfoundland

  5. Isn't that adorable? Watch the little backbencher dance!

  6. Good on you Aaron for posting this update.

    • Yes.

      I was right for once!

      A red letter day, to be sure.

  7. "I have no idea how that came into the conversation…"

    "What day is it? Where am I? Did I remember to put on underwear today?"


  8. Sounds an awful lot like backpedaling. Now, why did the government need to prorogue in order to prevent votes of non-confidence after the House resumes and the budget is introduced? Or is Cannan now claiming that he was not providing any justification or rationale for the government's decision to prorogue?

  9. In a way, I almost feel sorry for the PMO staffer(s) whose responsibility is to monitor MPs and ensure that they stay on message. They must have to have somebody on duty 24/7, as a rogue Conservative could shoot his mouth off at any time.

    It's a lonely life at the Ministry Of Truth.

  10. So.. "That's what we don't want to happen" was referring to there being a non-confidence vote *after* Parliament resumes?

    Tell me Canaan.. exactly what are you going to do to prevent it?