Now That's Some Good WIRE Quoting -

Now That’s Some Good WIRE Quoting


The Wire gets so much praise from people who don’t actually like television, and has spawned so many David Simon quotes about why he’s better than everyone and every show should be more like his, that it’s easy to forget that the show really was as good as Simon says, one of the few shows that has taken the “novelistic” approach (really, an expanded version of the mini-series approach) and made it work superbly. This compilation of the “100 best Wire quotes” is a good, quick reminder.

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Now That’s Some Good WIRE Quoting

  1. Greatest show in television history, every goddamn moment.

    Bill Moyers was bang on when he said that this is like Gibbon's 'Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire' for the 21st Century.

  2. But I think the fifth and final season (much like BSG's last season) was terrible. The entire serial killer plot line was ridiculous. The criticisms of the newspaper industry seemed tired and irrelevant. (If every paper in the US is losing circulation, maybe the problem isn't venal and shortsighted publishers?)

  3. Adrian, I partly agree – they jumped the shark a fair bit; not because the plot was so unreal, but the characters were – I just could not buy McNulty breaking the rules for the reasons he did. He was a rogue cop, but had always gone rogue with a sense of principle in the past.

    But compared to BSG, which in Seasons three and four basically revealed they had never once planned beyond season one, no way. The fifth season of the Wire was weak except for the City Hall and Marlo Stanfield angles, but even those two plotlines were enough to make it better TV than most.