NY Times columnists who did not win a Nobel in Economics today - Macleans.ca

NY Times columnists who did not win a Nobel in Economics today



Arithmetic may be an obstacle. When you look at the Republican ticket and you see “two” competent politicians, higher math functions may be beyond reach.


NY Times columnists who did not win a Nobel in Economics today

  1. ZING! It’s funny because it’s true.

  2. I’m only 31.. give it time!

  3. ” competent….. and attractive ???”

  4. “But what we do know is that we could use someone as president who’s shown in his career the kind of sound judgment and strong leadership we’ll need to make it through the crisis.”

    … is fixing the global economy easier than running a campaign? Because if McCain couldn’t exercise enough “sound judgement and strong leadership” to keep his own campaign under control — which Kristol is arguing…

  5. William Kristol indirectly gave me my posting name.
    In a talk show interview – Kristol was trying a put down on the Democrats that would ring with the viewers…
    His position “the Democrats are like Bugs Bunny – always being hunted by Elmer Fudd”…and I thought – hey – that’s me – Wascally Wabbit – because I know those Elmer Fudd neo-cons will never shoot me!

  6. I would say anyone who has managed to get themselves elected senator or governor are competent pols but I am guessing you are just being snarky.

    Kristol was one of the main driving forces in getting Palin noticed by Repubs. I read one of his columns in the summer about Palin and it got me to look more into her career and than I was all fired up before she was even nominated.

    There is some bad blood between Kristol and McCain. Someone from McCain campaign used the ‘broken clock right twice a day’ expression when it was pointed out that Kristol was one of Palin’s backers well before McCain nominated her for vp.

    I can’t take that column seriously but for different reasons than you. I don’t believe firing your campaign staff three weeks before election would help campaign in anyway, shape or form. Talk about reinforcing people’s perception of not a leader but the advice about taking the McCain/Palin message straight to the voters and ignoring msm is sound. I have been kinda surprised the Cons up here haven’t been doing that more as well.

    The U.S. msm has lost any credibility it had with independents and repubs this campaign, most of them have just hastened their end. I wonder if there will be any quid pro quo from Obama campaign in recognition that msm has sold its soul to get him elected.

  7. Ooooh… Dwatted wabbit!

    –Yosemite Sam

  8. Heh – I’m standing by for Andrew Potter to link approvingly to Kristol’s column, backed up by a quote from Krauthammer.

    One is known by the company one keeps…

  9. Paul, when judging the competency of politicians, it must be with respect to the politician in questions electorate. Spend time in the heartland (and/or Alaska, I guess), and you’ll see she is effective at getting out the vote. Make with that what you will….

    All I can say is that I’m in probably the most liberal part of Indiana, and there are two McCain/Palin signs up across the street, in houses I never would have guessed would support her; and to be clear, they are supporting her, both neighbors dislike McCain.

    It somewhat like how the “Rest Of Canada” cannot figure out how King Ralph stayed in power for so long.

  10. BTW, don’t you think Kristol is more the “Peace Prize” type of Nobel winner ;-).

  11. there was a rally for McCain in Florida and the governor, a Republican, went to DisneyWorld instead of campaigning for the ticket …. talk about tossing your boy under the bus!