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Obama confirms he can’t take a joke


Says cartoon insults Muslims. But he keeps his distance. Maureen Dowd worries about what liberals will laugh about once he’s president. After some suggestions that the race was more or less tied, a new poll shows him with an 8-point lead.

And while the nation anguishes over the meaning of The New Yorker cover, the economy tanks.


Obama confirms he can’t take a joke

  1. “totally inappropriate, and frankly I understand if Senator Obama and his supporters would find it offensive.”

    – John McCain

  2. To Scott: Yeah, I was just making the same point on the radio today. But they are interesting in terms of measuring how things play, who’s up and who’s down, the impact of controversies, etc.

    To Blues: McCain played it exactly right.

    And to all those who think no one would take the cartoon at face value, Andrew Sullivan had this quote linked today:
    “I don’t suppose you’ve, by any chance, have seen the cover of the latest issue of The New Yorker magazine, which is, you know, a huge thing. It’s got Obama in his Muslim dress with a turban, and he’s there with his wife. His wife has a “mad at the world” afro, circa 1968, she — she’s got bandoliers and an assault weapon, and there in their fireplace is burning the American flag. The New Yorker finally got it right,” – G. Gordon Liddy. (A guy who served prison time for Watergate.)

    I still think John Podhoretz had a smart take on how Obama should have handled it: