Obama: Cut oil imports, but not from Canada

Plans to reduce oil imports by one-third in ten years


In his speech today about reducing US oil imports by one-third in ten years, President Obama said the US would keep importing from Canada:

Obama said: “obviously we’ve got to look at neighbors like Canada and Mexico who are steady and stable” and “we can share American know-how and technology with them”

His prepared remarks said:

“I set this goal knowing that imported oil will remain an important part of our energy portfolio for quite some time.  And when it comes to the oil we import from other nations, we can partner with neighbors like Canada, Mexico, and Brazil, which recently discovered significant new oil reserves, and with whom we can share American technology and know-how.”

Full speech is here. It mostly concerns domestic measures for production and efficiency.

Live video here.

Washington Post background story here.


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Obama: Cut oil imports, but not from Canada

  1. Any mention of shale?

    • Not slated.

      • Kinda puts America between a rock and a hard place.

        • Coalition.

  2. I'm annoyed by the casual arrogance of Americans. Their President patronizingly refers to 'neighbours…with whom we can share American technology and know-how" as if we had none here. If it's the same American know-how they used in the Gulf, or on the Exxon Valdez, perhaps we'll just use our own.

  3. Meanwhile, in the background, softwood lumber is waving its arms and mouthing "NOOOOO!" like the Giant from Twin Peaks.

  4. The proposed pipeline to the west coast is also a big factor. Not being dependent on the U.S. anymore is important.

    China Petroleum & Chemical Corp. (SNP), the country's biggest refiner, is “paying attention” to a possible pipeline from the Canadian oil sands to North America's West Coast as existing conduits are insufficient, said Hongbin Hou, Sinopec's vice president of exploration and planning.

    “Where we go depends upon the market, depends upon how much we can earn from the market so we are paying attention to another pipeline to the western coast,” Hou said at the IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates conference in Houston. “With that pipeline maybe the product can find a diversified market.”

  5. We don't want your people or your wood but give us your oil. Ya mean we don't have our own oil technology of our own?

    • When you take the time to think about it, countries/nations don't really have technology, corporations do. At least this is strongly the case here in NA. Some countries might own their's, like Brazil and Mexico, but it is mostly licensed from corporations that developed it.

      Corporations domiciled in Canada have done some amazing things, so I assume, but the GoC benefits only indirectly.

  6. According to the US EIA base case, which assumes that no new laws are passed and all existing laws expire, US oil imports will never go up, within the next 25 years, from the last year's recessionary state. With these new proposed measures, their imports will go down by 1/3 in the next 10 years and by who knows how much more over the next 25.

    Given the choice between burning some of that energy to upgrade Canadian bitumen or using other sources, do we honestly believe that they will buy increasing amounts of the stuff when there are so many alternatives?

  7. 'American technology and know-how'…you know, like the system of levees protecting New Orleans…oh, wait…

  8. It's only a matter of time folks. we will own you and your resources. Horray for a majority…hahahahahahaha

    • Lol…you're pretty much the laughing stock of the planet right now. Good night Irene…

  9. Its obvious. Canada is being placated and hanging onto every word he says while opening up their IPhones to watch any spikes in the stock market. I mean 'duh', cut oil imports but geez dont send any shock waves to our important trading partners. So I dont know why Alberta Premier Stelmach is getting excited about this. Obama did not specifically refer to Alberta or tar sands oil. Last time I checked they were still having trouble bending his ear on the viability of such a plan. Maybe Stelmach was talking like a Canadian for once in his life and not an Albertian. Yes I said Albertian.

  10. Look Mulroney sold all our resources to the U.S with the Free Trade debacle. They have unfettered access to same and if we so much as hesitate they will sanction and litigate us into submission.

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