Obama lost Canada?


Writing in Foreign Affairs, Derek Burney and Fen Hampson say yes…

How Obama Lost Canada: Botching Relations with the United States’ Biggest Trading Partner

…causing Chris Sands to have to wipe down his computer screen:

Has Obama really “lost Canada”?


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Obama lost Canada?

  1. Heh heh…..Canadians in general would elect Obama in a NY minute…..and the Canadian govt, including it’s oil patch wing….will continue to suck up to the US….like they always have.. no matter what they do to us.

  2. So Derek Burney is on the board of TransCanada, no vested interest there eh?

  3. I didn’t read the first article, although I heard it touted on my fairly right-wing newstalk radio (I listen just to practice rage reduction–and find out the time) I’ve also learned how to see spin for what it is–an attempt to make Obama the bad guy, while the Keystone pipeline is the angel of the piece. (Keystone is probably not quite as bad as my environmental friends tell me it is, but its not going to be an angel). And now I find out the co-author is on the TransCanada board? Can we PLEASE have a law that requires full disclosure already?

  4. I hate to break it to you Canada, but all the navel gazing in the world isn’t going to make you come up on Obama’s radar screen. Obama is in full campaign mode and Canada has nothing to offer that is going to endure you to him.
    Illegal immigration from the North? No votes there.
    Keystone Pipeline? Not going to lose the enviro vote.
    Ontario Union support? That vote is gone (see enviro above)
    This one person has done more to divide and bankrupt this Republic in 3.5 years than all other Presidents before him combined.
    Canada’s economic status is leaps and bounds ahead of the US and I have to think some of it comes from your leadership. If you would elect Obama “in a NY minute” you would put your country into the same economic mess we are trying to get out of, and remember, Canada does not have term limits on their PM so once you got him you may be stuck with him for longer than you desire ( reference Trudeau)
    Rest assured that if you want Obama, I am doing everything possible to make sure he is unemployed in November, but be careful what you wish for.

    • Bush…Harper’s hero….put the US in a mess….Obama is getting you out of it

  5. If by “Canada” Burney means “oilmen such as himself” then perhaps. The rest of Canada would overwhelmingly prefer him to his predecessor as well as his presumptive opponent in this election.

    • 60 minutes did a piece last Sunday on Texas landowners in court with TransCanada. They’re not happy with a foreign country bullying Americans by taking their land. This was also the story in Nebraska. There is more than one story here.

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