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Obama the parent

He’s not on vacation. It’s called parenting.


I just came back from two days at the beach with two small kids.

Recreational activities: preventing Big Brother from drowning and Little Brother from eating sand.

Exercise: pushing all-terrain stroller through sand.

Restaurant options: somewhat constrained by width of all-terrain stroller and availability of plain cheese pizza.

Evening entertainment: Monopoly with a 4.5 year old.

Leisure: being allowed to sleep in on Sunday… until 7:30am…

So I loved this twitter post, weighing in on the Obama vacation controversy:

“Ask any parent who takes their kids to the beach for 2 days if they had a vacation. #ObamaNotOnVacation#ItsCalledParenting

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Obama the parent

  1. It's funny that 8 years of 'cutting brush' wasn't criticized.

    But then Americans weren't supposed to criticize a president in time of war.

    Oh wait….

    • It's funny that 8 years of 'cutting brush' wasn't criticized.

      It wasn't?

      Obama's played more golf than Bush, but not a peep from Michael Moore.

      Oh wait…..

      • Not by the GOP it wasn't.

        Vacations only matter when it's Obama.

        Obama's cut less brush than Bush, and not a peep from Sarah Palin.

        Oh wait…

      • Obama: all or part of 26 days of vacation in his first year as President.

        Bush: all or part of 69 days of vacation in his first year of office.

        Clinton: all or part of 21 days of vacation in his first year of office.

        Bush the Elder: all or part of 40 days of vacation in his first year of office.

        Reagan: all or part of 42 days of vacation in his first year of office.

        Carter: all or part of 19 days of vacation in his first year of office.

        Source: http://www.factcheck.org/2010/01/president-obamas

        Total research time: 23 seconds. Amazing what you can discover when you move beyond the talking points, no? Now what were you saying?

        • Maybe a bit slower this time: OBAMA……PLAYS…..A ……LOT……MORE…….GOLF…….THAN…….BUSH.

          Didn't think that was that hard to understand.

          Michael Moore makes a movie about one, but not a peep regarding the other.

          Obama spent more time on the golf course than visiting the Gulf during its worse crisis ever.

          It didn't take me any time to research these facts. How about you?

          • Did you actually see Fahrenheit 9/11, or are you relying on a synopsis from your usual sources?

            If you think that movie was about golf, I'm guessing the latter. Maybe more research time is needed on your part.

            Anyway, since we seem to be measuring who took the job more seriously (for some reason), Bush took about 2.5 times more vacation than Obama in his first year in office. And YOUR… JUVENILE… SARCASM… IS… well, as predictable as the sunrise.

          • It was about the Golf War.

        • Thanks for the link TJ.

          There was actually much criticism of Obama in the first year doing too much…..I wouldnt have put it like that but I think he is still paying for his first summer. He took little time off, was on TV too much and was trying to do stuff when Congress wasnt around. I actually thought he wor his welcome out too quickly, all Presidents do.

          The summer is usually the time when they rgroup, recharge and startegize…..the infamous recalibrate….

          I suspect those Obama figures will approach Bush like numbers in year 2, which is what we are in.

          I dont think people begrudge him a vacation, but he does Golf A LOT and they have way more priavte parties. But Bush wasnt one for those, Reagan was so that is a better comparison.

          Regardless of what you think of him or any other leader politically they need their down time, they need their family time. I dont have an issue with it.

    • Cutting brush wasn't criticized? References to Bush spending too much time at the ranch and being lazy were commonplace (and not just in Michael Moore movies). This is a really old criticism (laziness) that has been applied to so many presidents it is hardly meaningful.

      • Then why is Obama being criticized?

        • Because turnaround is fair play, and he' has played more golf than Bush?

          • And you equate a round of golf here and there to the entire month of August off?

            No wonder the rightwing has problems.

          • Not what I said, Nola. Obama plays more golf than Bush. Since the latter got pilloried for it, so, too, should your anointed Obama. Or is no criticism allowed for the precious one?

          • Yes, it's what you said Fred.

            Along with a lot of other juvenile foolishness.

          • Nola, how long do you think your Bourque boards tactics will last here? We know that Pierre will allow just about anything for the right price. He says it on his home page. But it's different here. These aren't garbage boards. You can't troll and have the last word on everything. You're not fooling anybody.

          • Fred…go back to the schoolyard.

            You never grew up.

          • If all wasted presidential time should be criticized how about the wasted days and hours that Dubya spent in church?

            Or is no criticism allowed for the precious one?

          • Oh wow, now you're attacking people of faith? How very tolerant of you.

          • Nope. Just one of 'em.

            I'm a person of faith.

          • But you characterized going to church as a waste of time. Or was that another person posting by the name of Richard?

          • I am a person of faith and it bothers me when a president spends too much time at church, attending prayer breakfasts with zealots, and using some fake sense of 'fait'h to polarize his citizenry.

            Speaking as a person of faith, that offends me a whole lot more than how many times he played golf.

            And yes, part of my faith is that going to church is, for the most part, a waste of time. I am entitled to believe in that, just as you are entitled to believe that ten rounds of golf is nine rounds too many.

          • Who in the world are you trying to kid? You're obviously distorting the meaning of the term "faith" for some bizarre reason. I guess it's to mask your obvious contempt for people of RELIGION, CHRISTIAN BELIEFS, AND TRADITIONAL, WAIT FOR IT, FAITH!

          • So: revenge, then.

            Good that we got that straight.

          • Yes, purely political nonsense.

            No concern for the future of the country.

          • Which was true under Bush, too, right? All the critics, including Moore, didn't care about the country when they criticized Bush for golf and vacations. Yes?

          • No, two insane wars and massive spending didn't matter….oh wait, now they do.

          • Dude, you said it TWICE: "Because turnaround is fair play…" and then "Since the latter got pilloried for it, so, too, should your anointed Obama."

            You're in no position to sanctimoniously talk about concern for the country, when you've made it clear that your motivation is revenge.

          • What are you talking about? I'm not living in the United States, nor am I initiating these criticisms of Obama. You, on the other hand, and I guess not surprisingly, are completely OK with a double standard on these things. Thank you.

          • Actually, you're the one complaining about the "double standard", and then measuring the critics by two standards: Bush was criticized for taking record vacations in his first year, so Obama should be criticized for playing more golf in his first year.

            As if those two different measured represented a "level playing field".

            And the best part is that you freely admit that your motivation has nothing to do with the welfare of the country, it's about "turnabout". Then you criticize Moore for not caring about the good of the country.

            And THEN you accuse ME of holding a double standard.

            Your ability to maintain your own reality is magnificent.

          • You either don't know how to read, or are deliberately misrepresenting what I wrote. Why do you have to continue to do this? Left-wing ideology? What?

            I used the golf comparison. Nothing else. I'm not initiating anything against Obama. I just said that the criticism of him about golf and vacations is using the same standards on him as they were for Bush.

            You can characterize that any way you want. You have to do it. You have nothing else.

          • Your "golf comparison" was: ""[Emily]It's funny that 8 years of 'cutting brush' wasn't criticized." [You] It wasn't? Obama's played more golf than Bush, but not a peep from Michael Moore. "

            You're the one who equated vacation days with golf games. You're the one who said over and over that it was about "turnabout", then complained about Michael Moore not acting in the best interests of the country by criticizing Bush.

            You can characterize that any way you want. You have to do it. You have nothing else.

            Also: LOL, Next.

          • No, equal treatment. Fair standards. Level playing field. You know, the things that the left says it's about until the second someone disagrees with them.

          • I guess the US isn't in trouble then if all the GOP is worried about is tit-for-tat.

            So Obama's golf games don't matter.

          • Or is Obama more concerned about golf than running the country?

            We could go all day.

          • Hey…Bush was the one who said the US was under attack!….there were constant terror alerts! ..dead or alive!…they were off to war!….smoke em out!….and then horrors, the world could go up in a nuclear cloud in just minutes we were told!… and there was even more war!…..and then, and then…?

            Bush went on a month's vacation.

            Obama otoh has worked steadily for some time trying to put things back on track……and reassure the nation….so he golfs, and takes some time with his kids.

          • So, Obama can golf all he wants, and he's "trying to put things back on track" even though he's making things far worse and breaking every campaign promise he ever made.

            Hey, that'll work, I guess. Keep it up.

          • You'll notice the Age of Hysteria disappeared when Bush did.

            The rest is just your partisan bleating.

          • Yes, of course: fair standards. Level playing fields.

            Emily jokes about "cutting brush" (an obvious reference to vacation time at Bush's private "ranch") and you change the topic to golf games, as though they were equivalent.

            Best part: you complain about lack of fair treatment of the two Presidents.

          • The article originally linked to in the blog post talks about golf. I didn't change any topic. Barely a peep from the same leftists who complained about Bush's golf. Just saying, even if you don't like it.

          • Like I said: Emily, whose post you replied to, talked about vacation time, not golf.

            And even if you can find some "leftists" who complained about golf, you're still measuring criticism of the Presidents by two different standards. (Remember: "OBAMA……PLAYS…..A ……LOT……MORE…….GOLF…….THAN…….BUSH. "?)

            I wonder how much golf Bush played while on vacation?

            Any comment on the fact that Bush took 2.5 times more vacation in his first year than Obama? Fair standards, level playing field and all that, right?

  2. I actually wish Obama would take more vacations.

    It's when he's busy in Washington that I get worked up.

    I've been waiting for the mid-terms since Inauguration Day – they can't come soon enough but they will be the beginning of the end for this one-term disaster of a president.

    • Yes, McCain/Palin/Rush/Beck/Romney/Giuliani etc etc would be so much better.

      [rolls eyes]

      • It's fascinating listening to Obamaites, including Obama himself, defend the man's record by saying, "Hey, if you think you've got it bad now….."

        If a politician can't run on their record, what in the world can they run on? (something that Bob Rae obviously never asks himself either.)

        • Someone who doesn't like McCain/Palin/Rush/Beck/Romney/Giuliani etc etc is not automatically an 'Obamaite'.

          None of the Repub crowd can run on their record, so that's irrelevant.

          Is Bob Rae running for something?

          • None of the Repub crowd can run on their record, so that's irrelevant.

            Maybe it was another Emily who just wrote this?

            Yes, McCain/Palin/Rush/Beck/Romney/Giuliani etc etc would be so much better.

          • Sarcasm: A form of irony in which apparent praise conceals another, scornful meaning. For example, a sarcastic remark directed at a person who consistently arrives fifteen minutes late for appointments might be, “Oh, you've arrived exactly on time!”

          • So what was the "scornful meaning" that you were trying to conceal? Sorry I missed it, especially if it wasn't in reference to a hypothetical GOP record.

          • I know you missed it, you always do.

      • So we cannot criticize the president because other people might hypothetically do the better job. Considering that you regularly argue that Michael Ignatieff is a terrible leader, shouldn't we infer from your logic that you cannot criticize Harper because Ignatieff would presumably also do a bad job?

  3. While I agree with gist of this post, vacations are not holidays when kids are around, I think when dad is President too many cheese pizzas and overcrowded beaches are not an issue.

    • No, but he is still a parent, and even if he has a lot of "help," he still needs to spend time with the kids which isn't the same as a relaxing vacation

    • @bergkamp: Probably not, but can the commander-in-chief power include the power to stop the whining?

      • " …. but can the commander-in-chief power include the power to stop the whining? "

        True, I didn't think of that. But President does have about the coolest man cave in the world – White House Situation Room – when he wants to escape from the family.

        • The WH situation room isn't a 'man-cave', and it's not his family he needs to escape from.

        • Yeah, but Janet Napolitano is always hanging out, girling things up :)

          • Eeeeuw, girl-cooties. LOL

      • Did Obama whine?

  4. omg that's so crazy, when I was president I ate a fart one time and then the republicans just couldn't forgive me. like seriously i sent out a muffin basket but they thought I put farts in it.

  5. On cue, most Canuckistanis abide by the thory their left-wing Messiah can do no wrong. Oh well, I read an article today that the fast approaching 'demographic winter' will change everything as Muslims become the majority in Canada, some say by 2030, a Muslim PM is invoked and Sharia law becomes the law of the land. Not much else will matter then. Shame, no more short shorts. Lotta people with one foot and one hand. Gonna be fun.

    • Democracy is great, that is, until I am in the minority.

      On another note, did we just take an Obama article and make it about Islam? Wise Old Owl are you really Steyn???

    • Will you still be shuffling this mortal coil by 2030, Wise Old one? Don't forget to stock your bunker with lots of fresh water and canned goods.

  6. But his wife has a garden, and she also has great arms. One term president, enjoy it!

    • So you think the Dems are going to nominate a new guy? Or is there some Republican waiting in the wings. Just who might that be?

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