Obama this morning: a pre-debate exchange

Reporters probe the President’s state of mind


From the White House pool reporter’s account from Williamsburg, Va., where the president has been hunkered down at a resort preparing for tonight’s high-stakes debate:

At 10:35, a black Suburban rolled by slowly, with a handful of agents trailing behind on foot. The president came next, wearing a dark suit, strolling in the center of the road. Anita Dunn was on his left. David Plouffe on his right.

This pool, standing about 50 feet away, had this exchange:

Reporter: “How are you feeling about tonight?”

Obama, smiling: “I feel fabulous. Look at this beautiful day.”

Reporter: “Are you aware Michelle voted for you yesterday?”

Obama, turning to yell back: “Thank goodness!”

Reporter: “Is Hillary to blame for Benghazi?”

Obama: Silence. Kept walking.


Obama this morning: a pre-debate exchange

  1. Heh….it’s going to take the pundits a month after the election to unbunch their knickers.

  2. I love it. Hillary has done Obama no favours with this, right before the debate. It’s pretty much teed up for Romney right now to blast out of the park. Just wait for the Libya question to be asked…

    “Mr. President, I’d be happy to wait right here while you go find Hillary Clinton to answer that question for you”

    “Mr. President…Mr President? Oh, there you are. I couldn’t see you for a moment there while you were hiding behind your Secretary of State”.

    The jabs pretty much write themselves at this point.

    • Actually she said that to the WSJ last Wed.

  3. It’s newsworthy that a person in line of responsibility takes

  4. Very bad move by the Obama strategists to throw Hillary under the bus. It is transparent, cowardly, and adds to the growing theme that this president wants to pass off all blame. In the last debate he tried to deflect all the US’ economic problems on his predecessor and GOP opposition. Whatever % is true, it is unbecoming a president, and those turned off by his failure to own his own record will not like this move.

      • I’m aware whose mouth the words came out of. It was Biden who first passed the buck to Clinton when caught in a corner in the VP debate. It was also reported days ago that Bill Clinton himself was concerned Hillary would be thrown under the bus for this (google Hillary thrown under bus and all kinds of interesting things pop up).
        Whether or not Hillary has taken the blame at the behest of Obama’s team or not, it will still reflect badly on Obama as an executive who passes the buck, especially when seen in the context of all the buck passing he did in the last debate.

        • She’s Sect’y of State, of course she’s responsible….and she said so.

          Obama can’t say anything about it, one way or the other.

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