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Obama wants wire-tappable BlackBerries


The Obama administration is preparing to challenge one part of the BlackBerry business model. The BlackBerry Enterprise service offers corporate clients encrypted end-to-end communications that even BlackBerry says it can’t unscramble. The FBI wants them to redesign so that they can peer into what is passing through the RIM servers when a wiretap warrant is served.

They also want access to Facebook and Skype…

NYT: U.S. Wants to Makes It Easier to Wiretap the Internet

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Obama wants wire-tappable BlackBerries

  1. The name 'King Canute' comes to mind…

  2. I look forward to the GOP rediscovering their libertarian roots and defending the right to privacy.

    • *snort*

  3. well it's kinda like what they're doing in India, and that's a middle eastern country, and Obama is a muslim right?

    So it fits.

    • I'm going to assume, for the sake of my sanity, that this is sarcasm?

  4. And those who cried "Bush the fascist!" at even less evasive proposals,

    will go quietly into the night, content that their purely politically motivated faux libertarianism, was no longer necessary.

    • If only we were so lucky. Those sad sacks will probably still blame Bush.

  5. And a quick perusal of Google news today shows that the media are glad to label Flaherty's economic update a "stunt."

    Welcome to the leftist media world, where an update on our economic well being is portrayed as trifling,

    but whether Harper ate a communion wafer is headline grabbing stuff.

    • The best satire on this site is often unintended. Did you stumble into this phenomenon, or am I having an obtuse Monday morning?

  6. Interesting. It seems like RIM may be leading the way in upholding privacy as a human right. Is it possible that Canada – or some other jurisdiction – might become the information equivalent of the Swiss banking industry?

    What are the Canadian policies on this issue, and what direction are they headed?

    • Actually RIM are far more interested in complying with governments of foreign nations in order to make Blackberry info available. so far the only concession they've made is channeling servers so teh Saudi govt can only read Saudi emails. India will probably do the ame in a few weeks.

  7. At least the government wants a warrant this time. The Bush initiated and Obama gladly-continued domestic wiretapping without warrant is a larger concern in my opinion. If the spooks get these new tools however, how long until they are equally abused like wiretaps?

    • Exactly. When there's a warrant involved, wiretapping a Blackberry strikes me as directly analogous to tapping a phone.

      It's the process around the technology that really counts. And as you (and BGLong above) point out, Obama continues to disappoint when it comes to claims of more and more executive power.

      • Seems analogous to our situation in Canada. Government needs ever-increasing information and monitoring of citizens while guarding and hiding their own information from citizens.

    • Are wiretaps generally abused?

  8. Why people always need to go on about "lefties" or "righties" or whatever is beyond me in a case like this.

    Good luck finding anyone who will support THIS idiotic suggestion.

  9. No, no, no. This 1984 come true.

  10. For truly secure communications with colleagues and family one requires a nuanced special language which…even if intercepted…cannot be understood.

    Et-gay he-tay ide-hay?

    Ake-tay at-thay, FBI!

  11. Of course Obama wants this. Big brother, socialism… it's all here. The Tea Party is justified and let's hope they can stop the Democrats and RINOs in their tracks.

  12. Fascist governments need to control people and crush dissent. Obama is probably taking his cue from the Castro Brothers regime, or the Iranians, or the Chinese, or the old Soviet model, or any number of other 'Progressive' and/or Socialist regimes.
    Maybe his buddy Hugo Chavez gave him some tips on how to destroy TV networks that question Him, that thought would get the Obama supporters drooling…..