Who will Obama pick to be his ambassador to Canada?



Latest rumour: A Chicago lawyer who raised gobs of cash for the campaign.


Who will Obama pick to be his ambassador to Canada?

  1. Don’t think you link is working, Luiza, it is taking me to Page Not Found, Try These page.

  2. works now JWL : Tom D. hahahahha! Doesn’t surprise me in the least. as yankee former senate majority leaders get all sorts of goodies as can be plainly displayed by looking at one of their sets of tax records. He might be a good ambassador then again?

    • Wayne reads a headline then starts posting hahahaha! Doesn’t surprise me in the least.
      David Jacobson, who served as deputy national finance chairman for the Obama campaign, is a leading contender to be ambassador to Canada.

      • OH! I see I didn;’t drill down to the small print. My bad. Whose this jacobson guy? a heavy weight fundraiser – no way a gravy seat at the trough just for raising funds for a politician tell me it’s not true!

  3. I wonder why Jacobson would want the job. How highly regarded is a posting to Canada considered? I thought people who raised gobs of cash wanted to go to Western Europe or somewhere stable and sunny.

    • Canada is probably near the bottom of the top 10 foreign postings. Paris and Ireland (!) are coveted. Canada, it’s a real job with some meaty files; you can fly home whenever you like; your family won’t feel like they’re on Mars; and you can do endless amounts of consulting afterward because of the cross-border connections you’ll have made.

      • Thanks Paul. I didn’t think Canada would be even in Top 10 so I learned something new today.

        • Bush appointed Paul Celucci, a former governor of Massachusetts – it can’t be that bad a job. Yeah Ottawa kind of sucks, but in terms of importance we are their biggest trading partner and, after Britain and Australia, probably the most likely to provide troops for their foreign policy adventures.

      • I’m sure Havana will knock Ottawa off that list.

    • Maybe Stephen Harper is doing a much better job of selling Canada to the Americans then we’re giving him credit for.

      • He’s not doing enough to promote Canada to the US. We are missing out on a huge opportunity to attract capital.

        • I was being facetious.

          • I gathered that. I wasn’t disagreeing with your comment, I just wanted make the point that we should be doing more.

  4. Somebody begin a Draft Alan Thicke movement!

  5. Does an American ambassador have to be a citizen of the country he or she represents? I remember when the Saudi Arabian UN ambassador – quite a competent man – was a Lebanese.

    Tongue in cheek, may I suggest that Obama let Conrad Black out of the hoosegow and make him US Ambassador to Canada? That would stop him writing all those articles in which he routinely badmouths the President and allow him to return to the country that he once denounced as “uncompetitive”, but now – missing the water once the well has run dry – professes to love again.

    It would also serve Canada right for not locking Black up decades ago.

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