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Obama’s Strategy for North America


Does he have one?  I’d like to know. Given the demise of the Bush-era SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership), and given the economic doldrums and protectionist pressures on the administration, it’s hard to find anyone thinking strategically about making this continent and its integrated industries more competitive vis-a-vis other areas of the world. The SPP had many, many flaws — but what will take its place, if anything?

I’ll be asking these questions and more as the moderator of a panel discussion tomorrow that will bring together officials from the State Department, the office of the US Trade Representative, as well as specialists in Canada-US relations.

The discussion will be part of an annual policy conference put on by the Canadian American Business Council entitled, “What ever happened to the North American Market? Implications for Canada/US relations.”

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Obama’s Strategy for North America

  1. The Obama's Administration's recent National Security Strategy document mentioned Canada — it usually doesn't, or barely.

    After a brief discussion of Nafta trade it says:

    “We must change the way we think about our shared borders, in order to secure and expedite the lawful and legitimate flow of people and goods while interdicting transnational threat (sic) that threaten our open societies.”

    I hope that helps. It is something.

  2. Canada's strategy for North America however is to trade with Europe.

    Not to mention China and India.

    Which is as it should be.


      • Well we'll have European trade shortly, so you'll have to get over it. LOL

    • If this were Risk Obama would be smart to take Australia. That way he could stockpile all his pieces there and then would be virtually unassailable. That's what I would do.

      Did I mention I got firsties. Because I did.

  3. You ask if he has a strategy for North America. I ask if he has a strategy for anything.

    His signature piece, the Bankruptcy of America Through Universal and Allegedly Cheaper Health Care Act (there might be a slight variation from the official name) was a monstrosity nobody read before voting on, hashed out by just about everyone in Washington except the White House. And that's his achievement.

    What's he up to regarding North America? Let's see, based on what he's done so far elsewhere… Uh… has he appointed a czar yet?

      • Wow, politicians really need to be careful about answering questions in interviews don't they! LOL

        When asked in an interview what he thought of the missed perfect game, Obama clearly should have said "I can't answer that question, as some doofus on the internet is bound to point to my answer and snidely imply that it represents the sum total of my strategy for North America".

        • You're right. I forgot to add that he is presently dissing a state for trying to figure out how to cope with the federal government's refusals to protect its own border and to enforce federal law against those who are in the country illegally. That counts as North American, I suppose.

  4. Hopefully you can get some specific information out of Velia de pirro, don't let them get all wordy.. What has Anderson been doing since 2006?
    Also I posted, a bit late, on your first post back, that I would like to see some words on Obama's NSC.

  5. I posted above a quote from Obama's NSS document that mentions Canada.

    • Was that for me?
      yep, i read the christopher sands analysis of it. I'm more interested in the bureaucratic politicking, of nsc.
      just working my way through rothkopf's "Running the World" and the NSC is important and interesing. And then from there, if we knew who was managing foreing policy, then I could have a better idea of which way policy is going. re afganistan, nk, iran. etc.