Oh by the way


Kory Teneycke is leaving. This would be Kady’s thing, but she’s otherwise engaged.


Oh by the way

  1. She'll be SO-O Sad – They loved to play tease with one another…

  2. "(Teneycke) has only been with the prime minister's office for just over a year, but he's a very, very shrewd, savvy political operator and very good at dealing with the media," Fife told CTV News Channel on Tuesday

    Shrewd. That's a nice way to put it.

  3. After his recent reference to having "hundreds of hours of footage" of Ignatieff, it's nice to think that he found something more worthwhile to spend his life on.

  4. Wow. Harper goes through Communications directors like Liberal leaders go through election threats.

    And Sandra Buckler has just returned to public life…interesting.

  5. Funny. I could have sworn that Soudas would be the first to go for his G-8 f/up. Perhaps, Harper will promote him now. Let's face it — who would want that job for what could turn out to be a few weeks of peddling Harperisms?

  6. Now, we'll find out which Cabinet Minister has done the best job at courting him. Either that or the CPC election machine's final preparations will be topped off with this lying control freak, the kind that orders the RCMP to keep journalists away from the PM/Cabinet after inviting them to a photo-op out in the middle of nowhere. Remember, he can't join a lobby group for 5 years, right?

    • The lobbying restrictions have been "excepted" twice so far.

      Besides KT already got his jolly little subsidies for biofuels.

      • I wonder if he still fits in that corny costume.

  7. finally, we won't have to look at his smug little face.

  8. I'll be interested too see who they get to replace him with a potential election on the horizon.

  9. surely this is a wafer-gate-related departure, no?