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Oh fudge


Never mind its series on our declining democracy, surely the Toronto Star is due a National Newspaper Award for its continuing coverage of cabinet-level cussing.

While Elliott coped well with defeat, her husband, federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, appeared bitter during the crowded celebration at a downtown pub, astonishing Tories with his demeanour. Three sources told the Star that Flaherty told Tory MPP Ernie Hardeman (Oxford) to “f— off” because he hadn’t supported Elliott.


Oh fudge

  1. They should set up a curse jar for the Tory caucus. If they each tossed in a looney every time they cussed, that deficit would be licked in no time.

    • I believe it was Steve himself who said, "Why the fuck can't I ever get anything done around here without using the word 'fuck'?"

      He then probably kicked a chair.

  2. Flaherty sounds like my kind of guy, short and straight up.

  3. Don't you mean fuddle duddle, Aaron? There is a certain art to political cussing, after all.

  4. I would have paid to see it. Perhaps I could have goaded him into an all-out bar brawl.

    • No kneecap would have been safe.

      • I think you mean ankle.

  5. Didn't a few of his cabinet colleagues support other horses in this race? Summer caucus meetings over drinks should be on hell of a party!

  6. Didn't a few of his cabinet colleagues back other horses in this race? Summer caucus meetings over drinks should be on hell of a party!

  7. I love my country.
    I'm ambivalent about my province.

  8. I usually think well of Flaherty, but he clearly needs to get over this better. She lost because she wasn't what the party wanted; the solution, going forward, is not to rail at the party for failing to recognize her supposed brilliance.

    • What on earth gives you cause to think well of him? He's an impulsive tool, on a good day. I can't muster a single example of Flaherty doing anything beyond treading water in the various positions he's held. But as always, I welcome corrective persuasion if anyone has it.

  9. Classy folks, those Conservatives.

  10. Everybody's f***ing off these days.

    • It's a summer tradition.

  11. Well, the chap was an ambulance chaser prior to politics. I agree with Sean- treading water at every position. Stunningly mediocre thinker. I read somewhere that liberals get into politics because they care about something whereas conservatives get into politics because they hate something. The typical scowl on Wee Jimmie's face would indicate this holds some water.