Oh, Like Now She Got Zapped Into that Time Machine and She’s Like, Travelling Through Time!


I don’t think the value of a Canadian show is contingent on whether it does well in the States, but it is interesting that Being Erica has done quite well since the CBC sold the U.S. broadcast rights to Soapnet (the soap opera cable channel, which is going to get increasingly valuable as soaps are purged from the broadcast networks). The first season attracted 500,000 viewers, a good total for Soapnet, and the second season will premiere in the U.S. this week, accompanied by a View appearance for star Erin Karpluk.

This information comes from The Futon Critic’s interview with Erica creator Jana Sinyor, who talks about the time travel aspect of the show, and wins my respect by shooting down ‘shipper talk about Erica and Dr. Tom.

The subject line is a quote from that great 20th-century philosopher, Wolfman Jack.

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Oh, Like Now She Got Zapped Into that Time Machine and She’s Like, Travelling Through Time!

  1. So what does Erin Karpluk's move to Hollywood and new Green Card mean for Being Erica?

  2. I wish she would stop being so hot.

  3. Almost all my life, every now again my memory has dredged up a growly voice saying "1957 Millwaukee!" against a doo wop beat. And never until now did I know where it was from. Which is weird, because I never knew that cartoon existed.

  4. Good opportunity to admit I was wrong.

    I dismissed the show based on its ads, plus I was mad that CBC axed JPod. Caught it in reruns and it is really good. Good for them selling internationally.

  5. There's been quite a push for the show down here (and I apologize on behalf of my compatriots who act as if the US debut of season 2 is the debut of season 2). The spot on "The View" is a big deal, and Entertainment Weekly mentioned it more than once, and no, I'm not counting the full-page ads, those are extra.

    That "View" appearance … Reminds me of my tenure as a contestant on a quiz show about 30 years ago. You can't possibly acquit yourself with dignity and wit when the questions you're asked are fundamentally stupid.

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