Oh yeah, almost forgot


Reigning rookie of the year Megan Leslie is rather enjoying this business of Peter MacKay’s absent-mindedness.

From the Chronicle-HeraldHalifax MP Megan Leslie said she finds it hard to understand Mr. MacKay’s oversight. “It must be quite the life to forget that you’re the director of certain companies,” the New Democrat said. “I forget how many student loans I have, but we have different lives, Peter and I.”

From the National Post“It smells bad,” said Megan Leslie, the NDP MP for Halifax. “Do you think he forgot that his dad owned thousands and thousands of acres of woodland in Nova Scotia? I think it would be tough to forget that. My mom’s a nurse, I tend not to forget that.”


Oh yeah, almost forgot

    • That was funny, and so is Megan Leslie!

      • Good to know someone noticed my debut as a conbot.

        • Yeesh. Still satirically beating up that straw man, Stewie? Criticizing Ignatieff is not the same thing as xenophobia.

          • If the same little post both amused Jenn and irritated you… what might I call that

          • työskentelemään?

          • voittavat voittavat

  1. Well, of Peter forgot, don't you think his father should have reminded him? Elmer, being in politics for years and years, should have saved sonny boy from all this.

  2. First Peter Mackay says election will delay vital projects Calgary CTV – Defence Minister Peter mackay came out strong on Thursday saying Canadians don't want another election and if the opposition forces one, the economy will suffer…

    Next what Canadians and what economy is he talking about ? his own? or that of his family?

    Tory minister Peter MacKay non-compliant with ethics code

    oh yeah I forgot that I had two secret bank accounts too? and what else?

    • Mackay pitäisi lopettaa hallituksen ja mennä työskentelemään Dada koko ajan, jos hän muistaa, miten päästä toimistoon


      • To my surprise, that`s pithier in the original Finnish than in translation.

  3. This is a first. Elmer MacKay being mentioned in a story sans Schreiber and Mulroney.

  4. Megan Leslie is brilliant. Seriously. She's got the Halifax charm, the "outsider" cachet, a dazzling smile, and a wicked sense of humour.

    • but is she a "real Canadian" or hän on Suomen?

  5. I love a sharp tongue. If she's hot, that's a bonus.

  6. I agree with Crit and bigcity. She's a bit bolshie and that is good. Leslie is much better than the dreary and earnest Pearson who Wherry is enamoured with.

    • You know, when you're fined $200 for an ethical violation, that says to me that you weren't being unethical enough

      • He spends more for his rugby boots …. which he may buy through the corporate
        structure he forgot about. Not fair, I know. But his pocket borough seat is still safe.

        • Even the combined strenuous efforts of May and Dion weren't enough to dent his popularity in his own riding.

      • Shouldn't the fine at least cover the administrative costs of the case? (Which I'm betting would be closer to a few thousand.)

    • Ouch! Peter will never forget his homework again – oh, that's Maxime. No more Jos Louis for Peter!

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    This is a first. Elmer MacKay being mentioned in a story sans Schreiber and Mulroney.
    Oh I see!
    How much money was in a suit case to start the Tree cutting business ?

  8. I found the second part of her comment rather flippant. If you don't know how many student loans you have and how much you're paying on them, how can you be trusted to safeguard the finances of the country should the dippers ever form government?

    • That's irrelevant. Once the Dippers form the government, debts will be payable in kisses and cars will emit nothing but rainbows.

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