Oily the Splot: The Conservatives had a contract


I am not making what follows up.

I have just returned from an undisclosed location where I saw, with my inkless eyes, what appeared to be a contract in due form between Fuelcast Inc. and RMI — the acronym stands for Retail Media Inc., the Conservative Party of Canada’s media buyer — for a campaign of 15-second gas-station ads that would run between June 10 and July 7. The order date for the contract, which carries contract number FM-183, is June 3 and the cost of airing (gassing?) the ads is $200 a pop. I did not see the total amount of the contract or any information about geographical distribution of the ads.

Fuelcast hadn’t seen ads as of this morning, when they informed Retail Media that they don’t run political ads. The discussions between Fuelcast and Retail Media remain a black box to me, but if I was a fledgling company taking money for an ad campaign, I’d have asked what the ads were about before I signed a contract.


Oily the Splot: The Conservatives had a contract

  1. Until you verify your little tale here with some proof of this ‘contract’, your comments aren’t worthy of comment.
    For all we know, you’re a liberal attempting to disinform the public. No names, no locations, no verifiable information.
    I think, until this information is supplied, Macleans should delete this blog.

  2. “the cost of airing (gassing?) the ads is $200 a pop”

    ..and I’d have asked, before signing the contract, what “a pop” means. Surely this is not for each time the ad runs on the pump screen as your blog implies(POSSIBLY eclipsing the cost of the actual fillup), but perhaps per gas station for so many times between June 10th and July 7th (ie per each nozzle lift).

    Details, details…

  3. …details…something that liars and liberals constantly seem to have trouble with…can you say ‘Dion’s Carbon Tax’?

  4. My guess is that Wells was shown the contract by RMI or maybe Kenney. This gives Harper yet another chance to sue somebody — fuelcast.com, for example, if they’re refusing to run these ads. $200/pop probably means $200/impression or roughly $800/minute, inexpensive compared to a TV ad.

  5. Wally’s right! Why do you have to be such a Liberal shill for posting things that make the Conservative Party look like they’re being honest?

  6. WAIT. Wally.

    The Liberals are proposing a carbon tax?

  7. MIKE! Yes, another wonderful tax brought to you by that spendthrift gang that brought you Trudeau, Chretien, ADGATE, and now ‘daffy’ Dion….and who never bothered to to eliminate the GST as they promised…but does anyone ever mention Harper’s eliminating two points off the GST?

  8. Yo Paul, they’re all accusing you of being a Liberal shill! And you thought I was rude.

  9. Hey Wally, do you bathe in that koolaide or just drink it ?
    I don’t think Paulie wants me to recite all the Harper-isms which have made him such a not-hot leader; so why don’t you troll on your side of the police tape, the side where the biker gangs are on?

  10. Wally, read Paul Wells book Right Side Up. It was his first attempt as a MSM Liberal Mole in destroying Stephen Harper’s new Conservative party.

    Seems to me we have been had by the Conseravtives. They got alot of free advertising so far. Does the Toronto Sun count as campaign expense for the Tories?

  11. A troll! Can we keep him? I will love him and hug him and feed him and call him George.

  12. One quick point. Rudeness to me is far less likely to be punished than rudeness to one another. I’ve finally learned to resist flame wars. But since many people have a perfectly natural tendency to respond to insult with greater insult, I intend to shut down flame wars between commenters early, without warning or apology.

  13. It’s interesting to me that when someone makes sense and presents facts, they are labeled and accused of being Liberal.

    Digest that for a moment and consider what you are putting at risk with that accusation.

    Wells is one of the most balanced journalists I’ve seen in my lifetime. We need more of him.

    To suggest otherwise diminishes your point.

  14. Can we honestly not talk about a current….errr….event whithout it turning into a war of invective? Here’s my problem with this whole thing: if you are going to lie, don’t sign anything. If you are going to sign something- here’s thought- don’t lie. Why do they have trouble getting their heads around this? I’ve had respect for a few of the scandals form the Mulroney years (just from reading about them, I wasn’t born.)because they were relatively well concealed. This? It’s ridiculous. ALl of these scandals have a paper trail. We have (drum roll please) a tape, a ontract, a television interview, statements from family members, statements from those involved. Sheesh. This government is so incompetent that they can’t even cheat properly.

  15. knb- i think it has more to do that if someone has been proved wrong through the use of facts an well-balanced thought, it hurts more than if you can just pretend it’s partisan posturing. Or everyone thinks the Libs are diabolicaly smart. I’m going to go with the former.

  16. Sophie … I love ya! From “The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight”, now a new epic in political lowpoints … ” a government so incompetent that they can’t even cheat properly”. Out of the mouths of babes my young lady!

  17. The way I see it they should run the adds for its a self inflicted wound every time I see it

  18. It’s a bit besides the point, but I’m curious about the $200 a pop too. If that’s for each VIEWING of the ads, that seems exorbitantly pricey. If it’s for the full run at each gas pump, then that seems like a pretty good deal.

  19. The Canadian media is world famous for its non partisanship. At least that is what they keep telling us.

    Personally, I think the Rasmussen survey showing left bias in the media at 80 to 90 % is about right. Which is only fair because they only have the Canadian Values.

    But don’t worry, our Human Rights Commissions should help get that up into the high nineties in short order. We’re still at the forced apology stage? Re-education camps are next right?

    Canadian journalist, Liberal Party Communication Director, Senator, Governor- General.

    The Canadian journalist career path inspires no confidence in this citizen. IMO, the Canadian media has betrayed its profession and its citizenry.

    IMO, Mr. Wells, regardless of his distate for the Martin regime,has, like most of our merdia, shown himself to be more a good friend of the Liberal Party than of Canadians.

    Being approved of by the Ottawa glitterati must be so much more satisfying than having principles. Another Liberal trait.

  20. “My guess is that Wells was shown the contract by RMI or maybe Kenney. This gives Harper yet another chance to sue somebody — fuelcast.com, for example, if they’re refusing to run these ads. $200/pop probably means $200/impression or roughly $800/minute, inexpensive compared to a TV ad.”

    Anon, it may sound inexpensive but don’t forget that each “impression” at $200/pop makes an impression on only one person.

    If it’s $200 each time the ad runs, then the Conservatives have WAY too much money.

  21. Somehow the idea of running deceitful ads about an opponent’s policies on regular TV is OK by me, but running deceitful ads at a gas pump, about an opponent’s carbon tax plan, strikes me as below the belt.

    I can’t really say why. Maybe it’s the thought of diabolical ingenuity lighting up Tory strategists’ eyes. Or maybe it’s my conservatism, which says you should play by the political rules laid down by our fathers. Is it just me, or does this batch of Tories love breaking the rules for the pleasure of breaking the rules?

    The bit about suing the ad company is pretty hilarious, though. What brilliant PR strategist dreamed up the “We’ll sue!” tactic? It just makes them look childish.

  22. bud said:

    “Personally, I think the Rasmussen survey showing left bias in the media at 80 to 90 % is about right. ”

    Do you have a link for this? I have been searching the Rasmussen website and can find no such survey or results. The closest thing I can find is:


    Which says 39% think there is a liberal bias in the American media and 20% think there is a conservative bias. I would also point out that Rasmussen would not state that there is a bias, but simply that there is a perception of bias.

    If you’re going to make such a claim, please provide a link.

  23. I would argue that although the press does not have one particular overriding bias, the segment of society that journalists represents shapes their world view and their journalism. Journalists are usually highly educated, but they don’t tend to be ridiculously well-paid, so, thus, thei rarticles represent society as they see it from this vantage point.

  24. “$200 a pop” was artfully vague because I don’t actually know what the $200 was buying. It seems reasonable to me that it was buying a day’s rotation at a given pump, but that’s just a guess. I had a few minutes to look at a contract, I noted a unit price of $200, and I didn’t ask what, precisely, the “unit” was. Whoops. But now we all get a little mystery, and isn’t that worth something?

  25. Yeah, 200 a day per pump seems reasonable…I was just trying to guess how much they intended to spend (or intended to “not” spend, I guess…). If they ran them on 20 pumps, that’d make it a $100,000 campaign.

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