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Old Tyme Heckle of the Day


Ralph Goodale, expressing his displeasure with something or other Pierre Poilievre said.

Horse feathers!


Old Tyme Heckle of the Day

  1. Gadzooks! What is the Commons coming to?

  2. Crikey!

    I love the old swear words that aren't swear words. I wonder if they were started so guys could swear around women without offending their delicate natures.

  3. Ralph and Pierre – why does the image of laurel and hardy pop into my mind:)

  4. Gobblesnookers!

  5. To be fair, if Pierre Poilievre said it, it almost certainly *was* horse feathers.

  6. This is news?

    Ralph has been using this same expression on a regular basis for, say, at least thirty years that I can remember.

    • Oh pipe down the patronage would'ya…

      Nothing more annoying than a party buster on an electronic forum.

  7. Decorum could only improve if more MP's took their verbal cues from C. Montgomery Burns.

  8. Poilievre indignantly replied that this was "balderdash" and "humbug" before adding that "I'm glad we still live in a time where you can challenge someone to a duel".

    • Steady on, sirrah.

  9. Great Scot! What use of language, here.

  10. Jiminy Cricket, this must stop!