Pavan at Sitcoms Online looks at some of the upcoming schedules for Canadian channels, the ones that show older television shows. Not a whole lot there. We have two cable channels that mainly show non-current television — DejaView and TV Land — but both of them, much like TV Land’s parent channel in the States, have pretty much given up on adding anything of interest. One exception: TV Land Canada did pick up The Phil Silvers Show for the fall, a nice surprise since this show, the greatest comedy of the ’50s, has been hard to find of late and there won’t be any complete-season DVD sets (the “Best of” DVD set was a sales bomb, unfortunately). Otherwise, if you tune into these channels you are likely to get little more than endless reruns of Bizarre, and probably not the dirty version either.

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  1. Canadian programmers prefer the vapid to the classics, apparently. Instead of endless Alan Thicke reruns, we could be watching Wojek or Quentin Durgens MP. Even the over-blown iconiclast Beachcombers is nowhere to be found.
    Why the CBC isn’t offering more classics from their own cubbard like This Hour… or the above really mystifies, because we know they’ve got hours to fill…

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