Olympic Caption Challenge: Vote Now!

Winner = prize


UPDATE: And the winner, by a narrow margin over Sean, is Mike T. Congrats, Mike: Now please email me your address at sfeschuk@sympatico.ca so I can send you your Olympics-themed prize. And do it quickly: despite the air holes, Juan Antonio Samaranch seems a little uncomfortable in his cardboard box.

Because I’m caught up in the spirit of the Olympics (translation: way hungover), I’m placing seven entries into the finals — with a nice, even split between saucy entries with sexual connotations and other entries I barely care about because of the lack of sexual connotations.

Vote for your favourite in the poll area below. The finalist leading in the vote as of 8 o’clock ET Wednesday morning will receive by mail a high-quality(ish) piece of Olympic merchandise valued in the ones of dollars!

Our seven finalists:

  • “So… any ideas for the next budget?” – Fred_Moro
  • “What do you mean you’re already seeing Adam Giambrone?” – Mike T.
  • “Is that a mogul in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” – Chris B
  • “See Jennifer, no hydraulic malfunction here!” – MaggiesFarmboy
  • “Good job Jenn! I like following the Americans’ lead, too.” – Sean
  • “Wanna touch my cardigan?” – CCC
  • “Bob and Doug and me think that was some great goofy, eh?” – Diogenes54


Olympic Caption Challenge: Vote Now!

  1. How about some "special" funding?

  2. Is there a follow up photo of harp's hair after wearing the toque? I'm curious to know if it moved at all?

  3. The judges obviously only wanted lame sexual innuendo rather than tart, witty satire.

  4. "It's not necrophilia if a person is colder than the corpse in question."

  5. It's not just a win for me, but for all of Canada.

    Victory is sweet, but making fun of Adam Giambrone is the true reward.

      • Yes congrats Mike for owning the podium.

        I'll have to make do with my traditional Canadian bronze.

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