OMG, the Queen looks like a Wedgwood teacup

The Queen’s dresser gets a dressing down


The Queen’s in-house designer/dresser Angela Kelly chooses creations for her boss that are both hit-and-miss. Some, like the yellow outfit for William and Catherine’s wedding, are wondrous, while others, such as the Diamond Jubilee mint green mishmash, are jaw-dropping for the wrong reasons.

Well, Kelly’s kept up her erratic record with some quite spectacular examples recently.

MISS: Tuesday, Enniskillen, Northern Ireland: She looks like a Wedgwood teacup in an outfit appliquéd with tiers of lace—on the hat, across the waist of the coat and even more on the sleeves. Only her lovely shamrock brooch offers any redemption to this theatrical costume.

Peter Morrison/AP (left photograph)

HIT: Friday, Royal Ascot: This looks like the Queen! The all-over seaming adds length to her petite frame while the Mad Hatter chapeau is on the right side of wacky.

Tim Ireland/AP

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OMG, the Queen looks like a Wedgwood teacup

  1. Meantime new protocol rules insist Kate curtsey to Beatrice and Eugenie as ‘blood princesses’, while she’s just a commoner.

    Anyone else think these ridiculous beliefs, and this hat trivia are useful commentary on our head of state?

    • Nope, not at all.

      • Still scared to post under your own name eh?

        With beliefs like yours, I’m not surprised.

    • That’s actually not new protocol–I remember reading that in Maclean’s prior to William’s marriage, so I think it’s been like that for years. For some reason, it’s being brought up again.

    • As long as it stays in the family, it’s their business. I really don’t care.
      For you and me, and everyone else, there are no obligatory codes of behaviour, according to http://www.royal.gov.uk. However….

      “Persons who wish to observe the traditional forms of greeting : men do a neck bow (from the head only) whilst women do a small curtsy. Other people prefer simply to shake hands in the usual way. On presentation to The Queen, the correct formal address is ‘Your Majesty’ and subsequently ‘Ma’am.”

  2. If she insists on the china theme she really should have done Belleek – cream background with little green shamrocks.

  3. QE is in her 80s and as we all know, anything more intense than pastel will wash her out, her skin and eyes look fab and the cut of her costuming is fine. I disagree with fashion commentators who expect to be wowed at every outing. Attention-seeking dressing offers risky functionality, witness the ridiculous see through skirts currently in vogue. Her majesty IS working and wants to be comfortable and attractive. I think she does pretty well for herself.

  4. I like the tea cup design. What is more British than Wedgewood china and tea?

    • She is the Queen, dangnabit. The wedgewood teacup looks like her. (I liked it, too.)

      • All three of us could not be wrong, surely: I adore the crisp white against the pale cool blue, and I think wedgwood is perfect for the British monarch. EVERYONE knows wedgwood! Now next, instead of the jasperware, they wedgwood look should be all “blue willow.”

  5. Cat in the Hat?

  6. I dunno, I rather thought she looked like she was wearing “The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland” tiara wrapped around it. Quite fitting, I’d say! :)

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