One reference to Canada in new Rumsfeld memoir -

One reference to Canada in new Rumsfeld memoir


It’s on page 374 of his book, Known and Unknown: A Memoir:

The Northern Alliance was not to be our only support in this campaign. In a matter of weeks, President Bush and the Departments of State and Defense had brought together a coalition of dozens of supportive nations. At CENTCOM headquarters in Tampa, Franks assembled a “coalition village,” where representatives from partner nations provided input. Britain, Canada, Germany, and Australia offered infantry, aircraft, naval units, and special operations forces. Japan was prepared to send refueling ships, destroyers, and transport aircraft. France and Italy each offered to deploy an aircraft carrier battle group. In all, more than sixty-nine nations would eventually contribute to the coalition effort in Afghanistan.


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One reference to Canada in new Rumsfeld memoir

  1. Aside from the fact Canada fell into the 'unknown' category for Rumsfeld, 69 nations 10 years later haven't accomplished a thing.

  2. It would have been better to stay out of Rumsfelds' book altogether.

  3. Did he really name his memoirs "Known and Unknown"? He does realize that people were mocking him over those remarks, right?

    It seems to me that Rumsfeld calling his book "Known and Unknown" is like Bush writing a memoir titled "Always Misunderestimated" or Paul Martin writing a memoir called "The Adventures of Mr. Dithers".