One Thought On the Poster For the SMURFS Movie -

One Thought On the Poster For the SMURFS Movie


If a big studio is going to put out its first poster for a big-budget CGI movie version of The Smurfs, shouldn’t it look like something other than the low-quality plastic Smurfs action figures we owned as kids? (Maybe not. Part of the appeal of CGI is that it does kind of make everything look like toys. We know what the first big hit CGI movie franchise was, after all.)

smurfs picture

I am not really interested in trying to figure out which Smurf that is supposed to be.

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One Thought On the Poster For the SMURFS Movie

  1. Zombie smurf.

  2. Corporate shill smurf?

  3. I think you're missing the point — it supposed to be representative of the toys … and PS, CGI can be incredibly realistic.

    • Yeah, note the tiny "For licensing opportunities, contact…" line under "In theaters Holiday 2010." This is clearly meant to drum up interest in licensing toy rights and such.

    • But do we WANT Smurfs to be realistic? They're creepy little things…

  4. I eat smurfs like you for breakfast!

  5. Smurffy smurf smurf smurf.

  6. No comment on how the tagline seems to reference Scarface? Or is there another more appropriate touchstone for this phrase I'm unaware of?

    • No, it comes from Scarface all right, I just didn't know what to say about that except that that Smurf does kind of look like he's involved in the drug trade in some way.

  7. I've got to agree a bit with Lee here. If it DIDN'T look like "the low-quality plastic Smurfs action figures we owned as kids" my immediate reaction would have been "that's not a Smurf!!!", and I probably would have demanded that we rise up and try to stop the production company from ruining the Smurfs.

  8. Why do I feel like I keep hearing variations of the Scarface "hello to my little friend" quote in things geared for children? I know it's in the Shorts movie that just came out.. and now this? It's not funny, and kids should have no reasonable reason to understand it's origin. It just smacks of movie campaign executivitis.

  9. Not looking forward to this. Just posted about how they need to stop making movies out of TV shows at