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Onward, undaunted


Jack Layton has called a news conference for Monday in Ottawa to “challenge his three federal counterparts to seek common ground to make the concerns of women and children in Canada a priority in the next session of Parliament.”


Onward, undaunted

  1. I guess this means that Jack Layton (and his wife) do not wish to disembark from the federal scene, at least not anytime soon.

  2. I have an even better idea… suppose we were to make women, children, and also….. drum roll…. men, a priority!

    Then, instead of prioritizing a mere 2/3 majority of the population, we would prioritize everyone! Just a thought.

    • Golly yes, I'm really concerned that too many men are dying in childbirth.

  3. This is beginning to creep me out. Where has Layton on pay equity and daycare? He’s got a paternalistic approach. I don’t like so many male politicians talkin ‘women and children’. I can’t explain. I just don’t like it.

    • Yes it's creepy. No, Layton isn't the only one who uses this repulsive rhetoric. And, speaking of repulsive, can you explain why it is only the male politicians talking like that who bug you?

    • NDP policy has always been pro-pay equity and pro-daycare. As the leader of the party you push party policy forward. Do you honestly think that because he's a man he can't understand why these policies are important?

  4. I told you I couldn’t explain! Why don’t you help me out. Why don’t I like it MYL? Could I be reacting to flashbacks of Martin’s last election?

  5. "the concerns of women and children…"

    So, everybody except men.

    Any "man" who votes for the Liberal-NDP coalition might as well just self-castrate right now, it's not as if you're using that sac. And it's time we started boycotting the businesses of and association with anti-Male Liberals. Don't donate to breast cancer research or AIDS until we get firm financial commitments from the females (and their colluders the gays) in this country that they will cease hating men and discriminating against men.

    "I don't like so many male politicians talkin 'women and children'."

    Heh, men bending over backwards for women and women like Karen STILL aren't happy, how ungrateful, how typical of today's modern feminist.

    Believe me, sweetie, the grass is a lot greener on your side, I'd be doing backflips if the female politicians in this country showed a hundredth of the concern for my gender that my gender shows for women.

    • Waaaah! Why can't we talk about teh menz?