Oops! He did it again


John McCain continues his why-is-my-opponent-so-popular theme:

UPDATE: This return fire from Obama may yet turn out to be more significant, because I think the week has seen two competing memes, either of which could do serious damage if it takes hold: Presumptuous Obama vs., um, Really Bad Liar McCain. This ad feeds both (Who thinks it’s a good idea to tag the ads “Barack Obama. President.”?), but obviously it’s designed to push the second closer to a tipping point.

Incidentally it’s pretty clear the Obama camp turned their ad around in a lot less than a day. Who’s going to be agile enough to move that quickly in the next Canadian election cycle?


Oops! He did it again

  1. The NYT has an article today about how little these McCain ads are being played on paid commercial, but instead relying on free play in the media. The NYT also point out how McCain’s campaign is “particularly adept at getting such free air time”. Much like everyone’s favorite talking Oil Spot up here in Canada.

  2. Here at Inkless we’re always happy to help. I’d change my name to Viral Wells but…well…

  3. The closing McCain logo looks quite like the N.B. french fry guys’ (same gold colour and star) Can’t remember? Have a look in your freezer, or check out their site: http://www.mccain.ca

    Must be subliminally appealing to the McDonalds crowd.

  4. I am sure that McCain would never use “presumptuous” as code for “uppity”, would he?

  5. Greg Not sure what McCain thinks of Obama but Paul used the word presumptuous and I assume it’s not code word for anything.

    Obama is coming across as though the election is a formality and he’s basically the president already. I am superstitious person and when Obama campaign talked about putting together their transition team already, I thought they jinxed themselves.

    Obama uses MSNBC, FactCheck, NY Times and Time as sources for his lies complaint, all of which are clearly Obama supporters. I don’t think McCain is a liar meme will take hold but doddering old fool might.

    I think the wailing wall controversy will hurt Obama with religious people. Obama probably won’t win over many of them but they might have been comfortable with him. Not so much anymore.

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