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Oral Roberts Has Been Called Home


Yes, everyone’s using that subject heading now that televangelist Oral Roberts is dead at age 91, but this is no time for originality.

There are surprisingly few YouTube clips of the guy; even the infamous “God will call me home if you don’t give me money” moment isn’t there. But here’s a typical moment (from 1959) in the career of Oral Roberts and the history of televangelism:

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.4211292&w=425&h=350&fv=]

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Oral Roberts Has Been Called Home

  1. Is his younger brother Anal still alive?

    • "Every time you take vaccine
      Take it orally."
      (Allan Sherman's parody of "Aura Leigh")

  2. And he older son, peckerhead! The lier didn't dies soon enough!

    • You must be Tolerant

  3. Good Lord, people, the man just died,. Have a little respect for, if nothing else, his grieving family.

  4. We could use someone like him to heal our sickly political system.

  5. …and he'll rot in his grave…just like every other carbon-based life form.

  6. He was a money grubbing charleton. There's an old movie called Elmer Gantry that sets the light on evangelists like Roberts. Excellent movie starring Bert Lancaster.

  7. Wow sounds like a bunch of close minded liberals LOL!!!! Oh yeah they are open minded? Oral Roberts was not perfect like everyone who post on here. But he had a lot of positive influence in Tulsa. The medical center he opened never turn away anyone who could not pay. He also never drove fancy vehicles. This is from good friends who spent time in Tulsa. Really, though you guys should show some respect for the dead. Whether you like them or not a family is grieving!