Organization Chart for Stephen Harper's Office -

Organization Chart for Stephen Harper’s Office


For all those folks over at Inkless asking to see Harper’s org chart, here it is — as completed by the PM himself…

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Organization Chart for Stephen Harper’s Office

  1. With tongue firmly in cheek, I love this spoof of the Liberals "new" organizational chart. Both have one thing in common, Warren Kinsella isn't listed therein. Amen to that.

    • Ah, it's a spoof on Harper and being such a control freak and his office being such sycophants that he doesn't bother to or need to know their actual names.

    • Technically, he's an outside consultant, like Harper's psychic stylist and the technicians who service his hairdo.

      • Ok, I get it, black helicopter stuff, Warren is. Someone's got to do the spade work when digging a hole. I wonder what Dalton McGuinty's org chart looks like amid the ship jumping and demotions?

      • Wasn't there an FOI to determine exactly how many technicians are on the payroll to manage that hair "style" but when the PMO finally released, it, most of it was redacted?

        So has it yet been proven that Bugs Bunny, reprising his role as the Barber of Seville, is involved in the PM coif?

        Also, is it really growing there, or is it merely placed on his head each morning?

    • I thought Harper's evangelism made it more likely he'd think he had the Almighty in his organization. If probably in place of Riff (and just below Charles McVety).

      • Would the Almighty be over or under steve on that chart?

  2. Hey, they have to have Doug Finlay's equal……fair is fair.

  3. You forgot the new title, unveiled in India: "His excellency, PMSH."

  4. I thought they were all called anonymous.

    • Riff is shorter and therefore much more efficient use of the PM's time.

  5. I was wondering who Baird reported too!

    • What a cheesy thing to say.

    • Looks like it's cheddar.but i'd say it's a fair bet he also reports to THs, but or some reason they aren't on the chart.

      • More likely blue.

        The right colour, plus smelly and made from mould.

  6. Hey Scott your chart's a little out of date. The demise of Thatcher has skewed the whole structure sharply left. You need to compensate with something hefty out on the starboard side…any ideas?

  7. Is "I want to say Dave" the media spokesperson?

  8. Well done.

  9. Where's Flanagan?

    • Under a rock.

      • Be nice. I figure he's living on a swampy planet somewhere, awaiting the next young neocon Jedi in training. I mainly wanted to know if he was in Harper's handshake circle or not.

    • He's in that box above the one labelled "Stephen Harper, Prime Minister." The one Scott drew in invisible ink.

  10. Also I think Riff and Raff were replaced by Frick and Frack.

  11. well said.Thanks for the info.