Our very own Optimus Prime


On the 142nd anniversary of our country’s birth, the Toronto Star asks an important question: why don’t the kids want to play with John A. Macdonald?

They’re giants who saved Canada, so why aren’t their action figures taking the country by storm? 

Andrew and Sonia Nafekh have made it a crusade to educate Canadians with the action figures of Sir John A. Macdonald, Sir Isaac Brock and Sir Wilfrid Laurier they design and sell. But their company, Nafekh Technologies Inc., has yet to turn a profit on the venture, after years of trying.


Our very own Optimus Prime

  1. Does the John A. Macdonald action figure slur its speech?

    • No, it vomits on command.

  2. If Sir John had a switch on the back that could make him vomit during a debate, I'd buy it.

    Seriously though, what a dumb idea.

    Most importantly: Optimus >>> Any Canadian PM

  3. idiots. these sort of articles are just retarded – yeah right, royal bum kisser McD is the guy we should all look up to.
    screw that – END THE MONARCHY IN CANADA, hell end the bs that is Canada and create a republic with checks, balances, transparency and accountability.

    • Happy Canada Day, Michel Le Guy.

  4. Viva America!

  5. Perhaps these loserpreneurs would like to look up the word "action" in a dictionary.

    • I didn't see the company itself describing them as "action figures"; the Star calls them "dolls" and "figures," but what they are is historical portrait miniatures of the ordinary type, only with Canadian prime ministers instead of Napoleonic generals. Having action figures would be cool too; I wonder if there are enough patriotic parents out there who would buy them?

  6. Happy Canada Day, everyone!

  7. Happy Canada Day to all!

  8. Not sure if the kiddies care, but it's interesting that none of the figures are really contemporaneous. I could see someone wanting to play with Brock and some other British/American soldiers, but Brock, MacDonald, and Laurier don't really go too well together. I mean, MacDonald and Laurier could only debate Confederation and Manitoba schools with themselves… How much fun is that?

    • When I was a kid, my Go-Bots fought my Transformers…

  9. The only proper Sir John A. Macdonald "action figure" is a bottle of scotch. If it's a transformer I suppose it could be changed into a locomotive. Tiny Chinese accessories earning pennies a day working with dangerous explosives sold separately.

  10. I wanted my figure to come with a locomotive, me hanging off the front, and the only train car to be marked "90 proof Scotch". Well at least they didnt make my likeness as blurry as my avatar.

  11. I bought the Sir John figure 3 or so years ago, as i was totally amused by the concept.
    As I recall, I was rather disappointed that there was no flask accessory. No barf bucket either.
    If I had kids, I would totally force them to have a Sir John A VS Optimus P battle!!!!!

  12. A hero has to be good guy doesn't he? MacDonald was a drunk and the most corrupt PM (sorry Libs) Canada ever had – great for the kiddies.