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Over to you, Mr. Nicholson


Lawrence Cannon, appearing in the National Press Theatre just now, asked specifically about the Supreme Court’s latest ruling on the human rights of Omar Khadr.

I would remind you that there is a process in place, Mr. Obama’s government has put a process in place, and our position with regard to the process that has been undertaken by the American government … we are following that process. And with regards to the decision that was made by the Supreme Court, the minister of justice is analyzing that ruling and once the minister of justice has communicated what process he intends to take, we will share that.


Over to you, Mr. Nicholson

  1. Does anyone else think Cannon was told to emphasis the process?

    • Hey, if the process of getting Cannon to emphasize the process means that there's a process in place to get the government to follow the appropriate process to find a process to respond appropriately to the decision, then in my books that process is an awesome process.

      • I'm having trouble processing what you just said.

      • A process is a process. What kind of a process? It's a process. A process is a process. And when you have a good process, it's because it's processed.

    • Yes, but also, didn't Obama get a promotion?

      I mean, he isn't Mr. Obama anymore, right? Does anyone else think Cannon was told to put Obama on a level playing field with Harper?

  2. Process. Leaders don't wait.

    • I bet Stephane Dion would have taken action by now.

  3. Alternatively:

    PMO: "if you can use the word 'process' more than four times in a single paragraph, you can keep your job."

    Desk calendar word of the day

    Ministerial Drinking Game

  4. Ironic watching the Conservatives try and hid behind Obama.

  5. Conservative ruling philosophy. Wait for Obama. Are we still a country or did we join the U.S. when I wasn't looking?

    • Is Khadr still at Gitmo or did he evade US custody when I wasn't looking?

      • every other western country that requested repatriation – that is every western country that had a citizen in guantanamo – was granted repatriation.

        • It will no doubt not surprise you to learn that I believe, for many of those cases, those other western countries made a very big mistake.

          • it won't. and we can have that debate or not, but to the that Greg was suggesting we ought not sit on our hands and petition the US for whatever remedy to this situation we prefer – and I take it Greg prefers repatriation – and you seemed to suggest that the US would be an obstacle to us attempting to set our own solution, I am merely pointing out that a US refusal to a repatriation request is rather unlikely.

          • 'Cept for the little detail of his facing allegations of actually killing one of their servicemen, which could factor into his being treated a little bit differently than all the others who went through the catch-and-release program.

          • perhaps. perhaps not. ti the degree that obama wants the shut the place down, i suspect they would agree.

  6. Processing is for cheese and cold cuts – how about some real answers.

    Why won't journalists ask exactly what the "process" is?

  7. Processpool

      • yes, but certainly not an amateur one

        • they are pretty good at it.

  8. Why doesn't Harper and the Conservatives just hand over the reins to the American government? The Yanks are already deciding our greenhouse-gas emissions targets, the fate of Khadr, when an economic bailout of the auto industry is necessary, …

    Why come up with your own policy when you can let the Americans decide for us?

    • What on earth made you think they've ever come up with their own policy?
      They took the budget from the opposition, the speechs from Brown, and the legislation from the US. The only original policy that's been enacted by this group is that of closing down parliament when they don't like how the questioning is going.

    • Dee, I am with you on items one and three. As for number two, please note that Khadr remains IN US CUSTODY. Kinda hard not to recognize that.

      • @madeyoulook: Well, sure Khadr's in U.S. custody but he is (whether we like it or not) a Canadian citizen. The Conservative government can't (constitutionally or morally) cherry-pick which Canadian citizens they'll go to bat for. Although they still do…

  9. Cannon said word 'process' five times, if my count is correct, in that short statement. Maybe PMO offered incentives: $100 for every time Cannon says process in his answer.

  10. Omar Khadr is one in the same as Osama bin Ladin. A "Terrorist". Why in the world would the government care about his treatment in Guantánamo Bay? He doesn't deserve half the care he gets there. Would you guys want him as a friend? Because that's the way Canadians are acting. "He's our friend. He's one of us. Please don't hurt him." What the hell? Screw him! He's the one who joined a terrorist group, and he's the one who killed an American soldier. He's the one that should suffer the most above all!