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Owning the photo op (II)


Michael Ignatieff opts for the op-ed.

The Games taught us that we need to focus on what we do best and then be unsparingly disciplined about continuing to be the best. Investing in our best people is not elitist – it encourages the rest of us to improve what we do. A national sports program has to build participation in every rink and on every ski hill in the country, but it can only succeed if the children in those arenas and on those ski hills dream of being gold medalists one day. In short, the Olympics taught us to invest in excellence and invest for the long term. That way, all of our children will do better.


Owning the photo op (II)

  1. I am sorry, but though I am aghast at what Harper is doing to the country and think Layton frivolous, and find E. May quite odd, and fear Duceppe should be committed, I simply cannot stand up and support this kind of soft-soap dream-focus-best-affirm-dynamic-lesson-for-us-all-Christ-almighty drivel.

    • But think of the children, man. The children!

    • Totally agree !

  2. I totally agree. Now can we do it with something more important than sports?

  3. Would it be rude to ask the professor for evidence?

    And why do I suspect he didn't give a flying f*ck about this until it presented itself as a timely stick to poke the PM with?

    • I fear the professor is a quick study.. and he's been taking lessons from Harper.

      The whole trickle-down theory of athletics is actually something Harper himself said on CTV at his interview, while calling for more private investment.

      That alone should make it clear that the idea is probably wrong.

  4. I think that I have to disagree. I played sports, skiied etc. all my life, never with the expectation of winning a gold medal, but with the expectation of enjoying myself.

    Personally, I would rather help out some downtown Eastside kids get out and play sports.

    • On the issue of the DT east side, not to be a cynic, well yes i will be. Now that the Olympics are over the funding for extra shelter for the street people [ spun by local pols and possibly Vanoc?? as solving the homeless problem] is due to dry up…it's not known if it will be extended, not is my guess. This leaves feeling all warm and fuzzy regarding MI's take on funding high level sports.

      • How does a post about street people's shelter funding being cut get a thumbs down? Conbots are really such babies!

  5. Bingo.

    The argument is rather like saying only those who dream of becoming PM should run for office.

    • Where do you get that from? Did you actually read the article?

      He talks about trickle down effect of top tier athletes inspiring others in a country with an obesity problem.

      • "He talks about trickle down effect of top tier athletes inspiring others in a country with an obesity problem."

        Now if only he'd apply that logic to economics and business/tax policy…we might be getting somewhere.

        • "What our athletes have realized our exporters, scientists and artists also understand. The distance between winners and losers in our chosen fields may be small, but it is decisive. Winning contracts, markets and audiences overseas will take the same single-minded dedication that inspired us in our athletes."

          If he applied that logic – spending government money to ensure excellence from the top and inspiring at least participation all the way down in business – is probably more socialistic than he would ever fully go for.

          • I meant the bit about trickle-down inspiration. Letting those who made good on entrepreneurial spirit inspiring the rest of us off our collective duffs, rather than paying people to do very little while simultaneously taxing the snot out of those who are very productive.

          • Ah, like EI360

      • i no more believe in trickle down athletics than i do trickle down economics

        • http://www.goodreads.com/quotes/show/103984

          Galbraith's view of trickle down economics is fun.

          "If you force enough oats into the horse, eventually enough will fall on the road to feed the sparrows"

          Wonder if it applies to athletes too?

        • I sometimes have this uncomfortable feeling that supporters of the trickle down theory would reduce even the small trickle to an occasional drip if given the opportunity.

      • "but it can only succeed if the children in those arenas and on those ski hills dream of being gold medalists one day"

    • Indeed. It also flies in the face of what sports policy and development nuts have been trying to do for the last 20 years: invest in our elite athletes so that they do well, so that corporations and private entities then take the lead to keep elite athletes in the black, and then grassroots organizations can fund what they do best – organizing grassroots sports for kids who are both inspired by the elite athletes to win gold themselves, or motivated by those athletes to try to "look like" those athletes with the smokin' hot bods. Or somesuch.

  6. Agreed.

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    • Yes, but I also feel like I kinda gotta reply, to something, or else those new giant red buttons will see that I haven't. Their watching me, I tell ya, their watching me!

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