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Owning the photo op (III)


Jack Layton’s press secretary, fielding perhaps the most redeeming call of his career in communications, says the NDP leader was merely trying to see the television.

“The TV screen was up there, he moved her arm to be able to see,” Karl Bélanger told The Globe. “She was clearly not upset or anything like that. She is a friend of a former NDP candidate who happened to sit besides them for the game. They shared a great Canadian moment and enjoyed a few beers together.”


Owning the photo op (III)

  1. Interesting that the TV camera happened to be just where the big screen broadcasting the game.

  2. I was there. Jack was strongarming his way through the considerably thick crowd of people so he could get in front of the camera. Directly behind him were several large screen TVs.

    • Do you need to say you were there? You're everywhere, aren't you?

    • God was at Gretzky's for the hockey game? Couldn't you have been in Chile?

      • Too soon.

        • Waddya mean? It's not like He wouldn't know what was coming.

          • God was at Gretzky's for the hockey game? Couln't you have been in Chile?

            Lol, that my friend was funny!!!

    • Were the tickets too much for you?

    • I thought you were in Vancouver for the hockey game – especially in overtime.

  3. He's all about power to the people, you know.

  4. I watched the video a couple times. That was one of the more genuinely shameless and ham-fisted displays in recent Canadian politics. And that's saying something.

    • agreed. really really shameless.

    • So you saw him put the wafer in his pocket?

  5. Belanger's explanation is unconvincing. What else was there to see on the television once the goal was made? Besides, you can see Layton staring right into the camera, which means he wasn't looking at the television.

    • How about the replay? Or the analysis and insipid boosterism followed by the medal awards? Or the updated Coke commercial?

      I suppose you turned the TV off instantly once Crosby scored, but millions of Canadians didn't.

      • Actually, what was on the screen at that very moment was the shot of…….him! That's why they were all yelling and screaming. They saw themselves on the TV. And Layton had to look his very best, didn't he? Big canned smile, and no forearms blocking the shot!

        I'll also add that I think he had no problem with getting her arm the heck out of the way precisely because he knew her. This wasn't some stranger he was going to offend or start a fight with. This was a political connection who he knew would take one for the team.

  6. I'll repost what I wrote in the other thread because it specifically addresses this lame story:

    I thought of that at first, but I don't think that the video supports that possibility. I don't think he has any problem seeing the screen, which is precisely why he tries to get the woman's arm out of the way. It's like he's looking in a mirror, and wants his look to be just right.

  7. I saw this too. Couldn't help but laugh at the spectacle. Made him seem so desperate for attention.

  8. So Harper is too formally stiff and Layton a ham ….. I wish people would get a life …. How about a story on something substantive rather then a bunch of old lady gossip.

    Anybody to set up a relief fund for Chile?

    Or comment on how these Olympics provided an opportunity for oh so many immigrants or first generation Canadians to identify with Canada by feeling like a Canadian for the first or even a short time?

    I saw things I never expected,

    I saw pride of Country in many diverse faces from many diverse cultures and I saw a serious blow to Quebec separatism.

    F the Bloc …. they couldn't openly enjoy the Olympics when there was nary a Fleur-de -lis anywhere in sight.

    Who caries about Layton when we have shoved a 4 x 12 rough cut plank up the (_!_) of the Block!

    Lots of Canadien got metals and wrapped themselves in the CANADIAN flag.

    Wonder what they (the Block) watched on television and where? LMAO

    Maybe someone should ask them!

    Now there would be a story!

    • Sure be patriotic all you like. But if you think comments like this will do anything positive to hold this country together, you're dreaming. By the way, some of those athletes winning gold for us were from Quebec…they may well have voted block too! If they take a positive message back to Quebec with them, it certainly wont be anything to do with…"we're screwed now – look where they shoved this 2×4"!

      • I said: "Lots of CANADIEN got medals and … " ( <—- oh … that there is the French version of 'Canadians' as is used in Quebec) ….. ya can lead um to water, but …….. !

        I suggested that a reporter should ask M. Gilles Duceppe how he feels about the games and where he watched them and if he is going to celebrate the results and honour the athletes with the rest of us.

        Patriotic ….. Oh Man Oh Man …. people across Canada did not give a shit about being patriotic … they only built upon a sense of wanting to and longing to belong to the dominate culture, to be a part of …. this culture …. our culture …. the only available expression for that was the name of the country.

        At the end of the day, people do not remember what you said or what you did, they mostly remember how you made them feel and we all felt as if we belonged to and with each other and that will take some work to undo.

        However, I see your partisan positions and cynical nature does not allow for the joint and shared pleasures of just ordinary people.

        Practice letting your cynicism go man …. you'll live longer.


      • I am truly sick of compromising to "hold this country together". If the majority of people in Quebec want a divorce, I consent. If they expect me to walk on eggshells for the rest of my life because I might hurt there little feelings – firget them!

  9. Three words: lol

  10. I don't buy that press secretary's explanation one bit. Look where everyone's bodies are turned to and where everyone else's eyes are (including Olivia Chow's), which suggest the TV is off to the top right of the camera shot. Looking at the video, there's two sets of arms in his way – the anonymous girl who is blocking the CTV camera shot, and Olivia Chow's who would appear to be blocking his view more towards the bar's TV.

    If he was watching the TV, it'd have made more sense to move Olivia's arm, which is also eminently much less weird than moving a stranger's arm. The fact that he moved the stranger's arm and that his eyes peer right into the CTV camera rather than off to the right where the TV is implies only one logical conclusion – Jack, you're guilty of a sad, sad case of hijacking a beautiful moment for political opportunism.