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Owning the photo op (IV)


CTV notes Michael Ignatieff’s failure to demonstrate his interest in Sunday’s hockey game within view of CTV cameras.

And taking advantage over the euphoria surrounding Canada’s record-setting gold medal count in Vancouver, Ignatieff told reporters that he wants Harper to extend funding for the “Own the Podium” initiative for Canadian athletes.

The Liberal leader may be trying to make up for his lack of presence during the broadcast of Canada’s thrilling 3-2 win over the United States in men’s hockey Sunday. While both Harper and NDP leader Jack Layton, attending the game in person and being seen at Toronto sports bar Gretzky’s, respectively, were featured often on CTV’s broadcast, Ignatieff was nowhere to be seen on Sunday.


Owning the photo op (IV)

  1. on point Aaaron : I would add that Iggy has made a terrible mistake during these games. Had Iggy come out with jack last week and support Own The Podium he could have gotten some additional numbers in his pocket .. however .. as usual he is being guided by his new svengali the D man and sat back waiting for the press to come to a conclusion and at that time the media was spinning that the OTPodium was at risk .. well enough said after we ended up Owning the Highest Part of the Podium – so now Iggy is trying catch up but layton already was on record so poof there goes that opportunity .. as to the rest well when you get right down to it – who cares – Iggy will spinning around and around the lid of the bowl and will be lucky if he lasts to the fall – the next thing I expect to hear from the Libbies will be the line – Iggy's health is this or that and needs personal quality time so will be going back to Haaaavaaaad!

    • He did — check CPAC coverage of Iggy's new conference Feb 20/21. Own the Podium is a Liberal program, put in by Chretien/Martin after Canada won the Games.

    • And down is up, truth are lies and psiclone is king of the world.
      You're not even a convincing hack.
      PS: Harvard has a pretty well known hockey program, ya know.

      • Never ceases to amaze me how anonymous people posting knee-jerk defensive comments are so quick to call SOMEONE ELSE a "hack" on here. Just saying.

        • It stopped amazing me a long time ago.

          • I guess when you've perfected it, 'long time ago' typically means 'never.'

    • Yes, psiclone, that was a "terrible mistake."

  2. Iggy stopped watching hockey when the Russians were eliminated.

  3. Hey look. CTV complaining that they didn't get a high profile person on CTV.

    I was unaware that our politicians are required to conduct all celebrations in public venues. Must be part of Marleau and Monpetit I didn't read.

    • True. But at the same time, you'd think that if Iggy was going to try to resonate with your average Canadian, he might want to show a passing interest in the largest sporting event in Canadian history. Half the country watched the thing, and all Iggy could muster is an op-ed in the G&M. Even Layton's foolishness playing for the camera was better than what Iggy did.

      • Really! What if he stayed home and read a book…this make him unCanadian or something? Give the guy a break. I also give Harper credit for being on best behaviour…he restrained his political instincts admirably on the whole. I fully expected to see him fawning all over the medal winners…i certainly didn't see any of that.

        • kcm,
          he had an all-events pass,
          and he went home.

          Who would turn down that kind of an opportunity?

      • I'm an average Canadian, and I wasn't on TV cheering. Does that mean I wasn't cheering? Did cheers only count if they were on TV (and because I think that's the media's view, that really worries me. Take any other Olympics. You'd think nobody was cheering our athletes on by the media's coverage.)

        This is a particularly fine example of how people are never satisfied. Layton gets criticized for getting his face on camera cheering, while at the same time and for the same event, Ignatieff gets criticized for NOT getting his face on camera cheering.

        • The average canadian has the right not to cheer, but this guy wants to be our PM so he missed a huge chance , in case he hasn't notice, we are hockey! He should of being wearing a team canada jersey today on his press conferance and talk about the game,every detail, and Layton was great, he actually looks sick, like he has lost some weight and tired so kudos to him for making the effort to be there!

  4. How to set the bar low?

    Vote in the next election based on who spun and photo opped the best during the Olympics…

    Honestly people.

  5. CTV can GTFO. They are a disgrace to Canada and journalism as a whole. It was very evident they were working with the PMO so Harper could get lots of TV time.

    • Did they fly black helicopters outside your window, too?

    • And Wayne Gretzky is a Conservative stooge.

        • Wayne was a great, great hockey player…period!

          • If Wayne Gretzky was a Canadian Gentleman, he would have given his place at the lighting of the torch to Catriona Le May Doan when inside the stadium and just went on to light the real torch outside. Gretzky was always selfish and a whiner in all that he does and he has rejected his homeland for foreign soils. My goodness, he and Iggy have a lot in come …. I wonder if Gretzky came from an old aristocratic Polish family.

            My name is LAWRENCE OSHANEK and I AM CANADIAN!

          • Oh, I couldn't resist.

            There are ever so many artists and actors I like who are lefties, and I don't hold their politics against them. So I enjoy seeing a few on the right side of the spectrum.

  6. Come on, really. That is below the belt and an insult to anyone whose parents or even grandparents were born in another country.

    • But it was funny.

      I'm also of Russian heritage, so it's fine for me to say that.

      • Thumbs up from me for not being a humorless scold. I did not realize I was insulting my own family, and everyone else with parents or grandparents born abroad, with my inane comment.

        • That one was even funnier!

        • I did not realize I was insulting my own family, and everyone else with parents or grandparents born abroad, with my inane comment.

          Tell me it sprang from your wit and you didn't lift it from here, without attribution, and I'll all believe you:


          Though others may not trust you as much.

      • I'm also of Russian heritage, so it's fine for me to say that.

        I'm Russian too (sure, why not?), and I'm offended!

        • The small portion of my DNA that could theoretically be traced to distant Russian ancestors is also offended!

    • This is just a flat joke from you, right? I hope??

      • No, it's serious. Jolyon's joke about Ignatieff cheering for the Russian team was a vile slur on every Canadian who is an immigrant, or is descended from immigrants, or who lived outside the country, or who ever traveled outside the country, or who has friends who traveled outside the country. Fortunately, I have the human rights commission on speed dial for just such occasions.

        • and don't forget the friends of the friends, too! lol

        • Jolyon's joke about Ignatieff cheering for the Russian team was . . .

          Nekulturny. That's the word that describes it. Or, y'all could just look in the mirror?

          • So now you're hurling vile Russian insults at jolyon? All because he made a harmless, Bob Hope-style quip that Iggy was rooting for the Russian hockey team?

          • A quid pro quo is merely fair return on the investment.

            What's the problem. Can't y'all take a joke? Unless it's at someone else's expense?

          • You're responding to light-hearted humour with one of the worst insults you can say to a Russian? Tut-tut, Dumbar. Keep it civil, my good fellow.

          • If, as they say, the shoe fits . . .
            "Nekulturny" is a Russian word that applies to just about everything that is deemed to be crass.

            . . . wear it.

          • And your dear "I'm descended from and Old Russian Aristocratic Family" Iggy is never crass. Oh, no, no! I'm Ukrainian and he insulted me, my ancestors and my descendants in writing!

            Hockey is crass … Why Iggy's family, old Czarist retainers that they were, never played ice hockey, they only shot peasants for sport., after giving them a head start, of course!

            Sorry Iggy, I saw huge amounts of people drop their partisan issues for a short period of time including their racist ideals (you have those, don't you Iggy — be truthful now, I read your book) to come together in hope and you were no where to be found.

            No, Iggy, you are not a Canadian and you never will be one and I reject your aristocratic right to govern me!

  7. If Harper was conspiring with CTV to get lots of face time during the Olympics, the move may have backfired.

    I was watching the men's curling when Kevin Martin's final shot won Canada the gold medal. The four players were hugging, and the fans were going crazy. CTV then cut to Stephen Harper in the stands, stone-faced, seemingly not enjoying being there.

    • It's not that he wasn't happy, it's just that he hadn't been briefed on how curling works yet.

      You know, by the same people who tell him how to order every time he steps into a Tim's.

    • the stiff awkward pose
      the beady little eyes
      the slight bored expression
      the same demeanor at a number of events over two days

      That was the reaction in my (partisan) household.
      Seems we were not alone.

      If we are to choose our leaders based photo ops, they are working with difficult material.

      • You weren't alone. Other leftist partisans were just as intent on throwing tomatoes at Harper.

    • I noticed that several times. It didn't seem like the Teskey-Harpers were enjoying each other's company very much.

  8. To be fair, it's not like CTV needs the government of the day to support their efforts to have cable companies tax us on their behalf or something…

  9. It took Wherry a whole hour before jumping to Iggy's defence?

  10. I didn't realize pandering was now mandatory for our politicians. Silly me.

    • Yeah, it's not like Iggy would write a book for the sole purpose of trying to prove that he's still Canadian after choosing to spend his adult life elsewhere. I mean, he's above these petty things, isn't he.

      For what it's worth, my guess is that he didn't do it because:

      a) He'd look even more bizarre than the other two;

      b) He'd look like a pretend Canadian – again.

      Like others have suggested, he's better off sticking to wine tasting and chess tournaments.

      • a) The other two didn't look "bizarre" so much as desperate and pathetic so keeping a low profile seems like a wise choice to me.

        b) He only looks like a "pretend Canadian" to people who have the gall to judge the "Canadianess" of a fellow citizen. You're only Canadian if you like hockey and eat Timbits, eh? No thanks. There's plenty of Canadians who like wine and chess (and wine and cheese!) and we're just as Canadian as you Dennis.

        And writing a book exploring one's Canadian roots takes considerably more energy and thought , and, yes, is more genuinely patriotic, than posing for pictures with Wayne Gretzky. How much do YOU know about your roots?

        • Well, I thought Harper was being himself. It's awkward, but not desperate. Layton? He's always been a media hog. And a low profile is what all opposition leaders want, isn't it. They just can't get enough attention most of the time.

          I judge Iggy's "Canadianness" based on where he's decided to spend his adult life. It wasn't Canada. Lord knows that we'd never hear the end of it if it was a Tory who tried to come back here after 30 years just to be PM. But I guess common sense doesn't really matter to fellow wine tasters and chess players.

          • "But I guess common sense doesn't really matter to his fellow wine tasters and chess players."

            Smart people bad. Ugh. They play game with no hitting, drink sissy beer. Me like hockey, me real Canadian!

          • Ah yes, wine tasting and chess makes one smart, but watching hockey doesn't. We Canucks stupid people, ehh.

          • When I answer your ridiculous classist stereotype with another to point out how ridiculous it is, and you get upset for being stereotyped, well…

            my job is done.

          • Iffy said he plays checkers, not chess.
            And attending the super Sunday match between Canada and the US would have done more to endear him to Canadians than writing that book about his entitled priviledged life and the smell of cow pies in the barn.

          • Liberals have higher IQs: study. I didn't believe it, but then I read some of the comments on this thread.

          • Sure. Attending a game, with his personal photographer, where tickets were going at 15 thousand dollars each, putting it well out of reach of "ordinary" Canadians would have endeared him to us.

            Maybe he was doing what the vast majority of ordinary Canadians were doing – drinking beer and watching the game at home on his TV.

          • You don't stop being Canadian just because you live abroad. You only stop being Canadian when you renounce your Canadian citizenship (like Conrad Black did).

  11. 'Harper calls new budget the toughest of his career"

    Well, that's not saying much really is it? Considering his other budgets have been record setting for spending sprees…still, it must be noted that strictly speaking he's speaking the literal truth, although i doubt he'd appreciates the irony.

    • Well, he might be saying much, given that I have little doubt that a coalition budget would have been far less responsible than Harper's last, and that any Liberal/coalition fiscal plan of the future will probably include more taxes and more spending than what we'll see this week.

      • i like your train of logic…a hyperpothetical budget from a coalition that never held power would have been worse than the man who used to rail at liberals for spending other peoples money, is by definition worse than the largest spending spree any Canadian PM has yet gone on. And of course there's always that future coalition bogeyman that has not yet submitted a budget.
        Even if i take your point as given, this is still essentially yet more avoidance of Harper's own reckless spending record. In the immortal words of Brian, yes sir! You had a choice. Stop worrying about the liberals and a phantom coaliton and start taking responsibility for your own record…no-one forced you[ cons] to do anything.

        • hmmm, some of that may need parsing, but i think i made my point.

        • Why in the world wouldn't the alternatives to Harper be relative and important? If you think he's reckless, you ain't seen nothing yet if the coalition gets its chance. That's all I'm saying. I mean, just look south of the border to see what liberals do during economic crises. Spending through the roof. More taxes. Less jobs. Not sure how Harper looks nearly as bad as you suggest. Heck, we just got the fastest rate of economic growth in this country in years. That's a disaster to you, is it? The alternatives will be better, will they?

          • Pity we con't live south of the border…the last time any meaningful debt reduction occurred here it was under a liberal gov't. I don't think everything Harper's done is bad. But it's a bit rich to be saying look at those guys when your govt holds the record for spending. Hey boys, i'm spending like a liberal, so you can trust me to not spend like a liberal in the future…incoherent message much! Not that i'm blown away by the liberal response either…this might be a good time to be cashing in your chips as the only previous federal party to tackle the debt.

          • Speculation. Unfounded. In case you haven't noticed, "south of the border" means that there's a border there. Their systems are different, their parties are different. a better comparator would be to look at what the respective parties do when they get elected into power. For Liberals, we have deficit fighting at the federal level and years of federal surpluses. For NDP, we have provincial governments that also tore down deficits and reduced the taxes on the people. For Conservatives, we have Alberta's deficit reduction which turned into "Klein dollars" and Harper's Surplus Blowout.

  12. Michael Ignatieff is holding off on wrapping himself in the red & white until a few days before the writ is dropped. Then he will certainly embrace the old Liberal Party strategy of confusing their emblem & colours with the National Flag of Canada.

    • One big problem with that one, though. In continuing to prove that its status as the "natural governing party" is strictly a nostalgic one, the Liberals brilliantly decided to pick someone as leader who actually didn't want to be here for 30 years.

      • There's a bigger problem. It just isn't true. The Liberal colours predated the flag; whose colours were not chosen by Pearson, as is frequently reported. I guess old myths die hard.

    • Red and white? Nah, he is negotiating a wrap up in dipper Orange, before Bob Rae beats him to it.

  13. CTV is just so brutal. Tonight Bob Fife went so far as to lie as to where the Finance Minister's new shoes were made. He bought a pair of Ecco shoes which according to their website are not manufactured in Canada.
    Perhaps this is minor (or not– he had the chance to give a some manufactured in Canada some free publicity) but it just goes to demonstrate how far Fife goes to make the Conservatives look good.

    • The shoe thing is a tradition everytime they have a new budget.

      • duh really? where did I say I didn't know the tradition. A couple of years ago he got his resoled. John Crosbie got mukluks, incidently, made in Canada.

    • Flaherty bought his shoes from a family-owned store, Andrews Shoes, in Whitby.
      ECCO has a markham Ontario mailing address.

      Where are the shoes made Matt?

        • Where are the shoes made Matt?

          This part of the article being particularly pertinent, to the Flahery-Harper budget recalibration/consultation/preparation process:

          "Recently, ECCO's shoes have developed a reputation for disintegrating unexpectedly."

          • Hmm, ECCO shoes and Flaherty's grasp of numbers seem to be of the same stuff…

        • Yes but can anyone tell me who manufactures shoes in Canada anymore …. Bata closed down because it could not compete with imports.

        • thanks Dunbar for giving wilson that incredibly tough briefing on research methods!

          • Your compassion and generosity in responding to Claudia's non sequitur; also noted.

            However, I'm relatively certain your time and energies [and mine] could be better employed in real debate with real players rather than fiddling with fungoes from these fumblers.

    • When Flaherty was Finance Minister of Ontario, he boasted that shoes were no longer made in Ontario (the idea being that high tech jobs would replace all traditional manufacturing). I don't know where Flaherty's shoes were made, but it wasn't in his home province.

  14. Also, there weren't any Canadian flags in the background!

  15. Dennis F.

    You're barking up the wrong tree here.

    Iggy's presence or abscence from public view or at various events, (and everything else for that matter) is based on a pure and noble desire to do good for all Canadians – there is never any political calculous.

    Whereas, nothing Harper does is based on a genuine belief in anything, but is all some "hidden" nefarious political maneuvering.

    You follow that recipe, and you'll do just fine on this blog.

  16. It just goes to show the depths of hyperpartisanship here,

    that such nobility can be ascribed to one who is perhaps the greatest carpetbagger in world history:

    Abandons his country for most of his adult life, and returns for the sole purpose of leading that country, while writing glad handing books and doing cheezy forest laden ads, all for the purpose of whitewashing his very startling saga.

    A saga,that the left leaning media delcared "off limits" lest we wish to enter a new era, vicous attacks ads (meaning true, but poignantly destructive for a new liberal hope).

    • Spot the logical inconsistency in the following two statements:

      (a) It just goes to show the depths of hyperpartisanship here,

      (b) that such nobility can be ascribed to one who is perhaps the greatest carpetbagger in world history:

    • Well now that biff has chimed in on the depths of partisanship here, I guess we can all go home.

      • He is an expert in these matters.

  17. I was upset? lol

  18. Iggy was at the game, Conservative TV just didnt show him.

  19. Why the hell does anyone care about this?

  20. Looks like somebody else is looking for a cushy senate appointment…