Paikin v. Martin


The former prime minister sits down with Steve Paikin to discuss the G20, the global economy and Africa.


Paikin v. Martin

  1. Allow me to summarize to save Macleans.ca viewers a painful experience.

    "Clearly, A and B and C, are my number one priorities, and should be the governments too."

    Even Iggy is better than the original Iffy.

  2. Is what we have now really better than what we would have had under Martin? Somehow I doubt it.

  3. What's this, "Paul Martin: The Rehabilitation Tour"? Huh.

  4. Former Prime Minister's Speech Law: The number of public advice-giving utterances by former Prime Ministers is inversely proportional to the number of years they actually held office.

    Cases in point: Kim Campbell, Joe Clark, Paul Martin….It's as if they have an emotional need to re-live their short days in the sun. Joe Clark is the most egregious example. Years after his politically-challenged short tern reign he still thinks people actually give a tinker's dam about his views. They don't.

    Paul Martin let a lot of people down.

    • John Turner could give any of those guys a run for their money in the bitterness department. I was at a dinner with him in attendance before, and asked him a question about the 1968 white paper on Indian Affairs (something like – what was the cabinet discussion like over that one).

      He proceeded to rant about how Chretien couldn't handle his own department… and that "the trouble with the Indians is that they haven't lived up to any of their agreements in the history of confederation."

  5. Not nearly as many as Harper has and will, but don't worry – he's keeping the reason why for another Halloween surprise!

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