Palin, the final word


Sarah Palin failed to tackle an esoteric problem tonight: how does a natural motormouth keep herself in check in front of a friendly audience? It’s an accepted part of a politician’s work to say what she has already said in other venues a million times. About the only way in which tonight’s Calgary speech varied from Palin’s standard post-gubernatorial drama of media persecution and conservative values was that every time she said the equivalent of “We built a pipeline”, it became “We built a pipeline with our super terrific Canadian partner TCPL, which just goes ta show ya.”

The problem was that Palin clued into the audience’s unconditional agreement with her worldview pretty quickly, and grew impatient; as fast as she was speeding through the statistics and the chuck-on-the-shoulder good-for-yous for Canada, many of us probably would have preferred it ten times faster. To me, the audience in the foyer after the speech seemed to be talking themselves into having had a good time.

It occurs to me that the Calgary mayoralty is up for grabs; maybe someone should see if Palin’s interested? In no other Canadian city of equal size would her denunciation of “snake-oil” climate science have been greeted with such unrestrained, joyous roars by a very elite, very wealthy audience. (The Palomino Room was saturated with old Reformers, including Stockwell Day. At the end of the festivities, Ralph Klein, perhaps eager for refreshment, came blasting down the aisle in my direction at the approximate speed of a maglev train.) I’m not sure there is even an American city where Palin’s climate skepticism and drill-or-be-damned pro-fossil stance would have been so well-received. Certainly there can’t be one where an appearance by Palin would be beset by a grand total of one (1) poor sad-sack anarchist protester. I know in Edmonton there’d be 20. (It’s the same 20 every time no matter what’s being protested.)

At the end of the night, as the attendees were filing out, some elderly contessa saw me typing furiously, leaned over, and said “Be kind to her.” It seems Palin, who will doubtless retain a strong streak of the exuberant bubbleheaded teenager to the end of her days, is as good as appealing to motherly and grandmotherly instincts as she is to male ones. I considered for a moment that it might not be for me to say that Palin was not a success, since I didn’t pay $150 for my seat. On the other hand, for those who did shell out, it was a sunk cost; the poor bastards on professional duty, like me, were the ones who weren’t allowed to leave. Sorry, but it’s hard to like someone who makes you suffer like that.


Palin, the final word

  1. “We built a pipeline”, it became “We built a pipeline with our super terrific Canadian partner TCPL, which just goes ta show ya.”

    Definition of a pipe dream seeing that it hasn't been built. Only in Calgary would the repeated mention of a fictitious pipeline lead to rapturous post show activities.

    On the other hand, for those who did shell out, it was a sunk cost;

    More likely a tax deuction. How do you say entertainment expense in corporate Calgary?

  2. The fact is: Calgary has the highest educated population of the major Canadian cities. Calgary has a lot of independent thinkers. Calgary has a lot of geo-science professionals. This all adds up to not believing in the doomsayers such as Sazuki. Tomorrow will be another blue sky day.

    • i>Tomorrow will be another blue sky day.

      …with Lucy and diamonds.

    • Sazuki – the Hungarian? It also happens that the 'highest educated population' does very well by the oil industry. Money has been known to cloud people's thinking – even the educated.

    • Halo, Jan I have no comment on Curt's opinions but I don't think pettily pointing out that he got one letter wrong in someone's name is in any way a convincing counter argument.

      • Normally, I would agree with you. Typos and spelling mistakes are fair game, I think, in a post about how educated and super intelligent the poster is. Now, in this case the poster didn't claim to be the most well-educated, just his city, but it is a fine line. I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt to Halo and Jan that Curt's pride of membership in that super-educated city infers his super-education.

        • Don't end a sentence with "is." And Curt's pride of membership implies his super-education, it doesn't "infer" it.

          • :) Well done.

            Good thing I don't live in Calgary, eh?

          • Note that in telling you not to end a sentence with "is," I did the same. ;)

          • There's no such rule. I can't imagine why you think there is.

        • My point (such that it was) is that pointing out a typo in someone's post is not in any way a rebuttal of that person's argument. I suppose it might demonstrate the person is not well-educated but then you get a conversation that goes like this:

          Post: "I'm very well educated and <insert point here>"
          Reply: "You're an idiot"

          The original poster might have an inflated view of his education but the person replying isn't adding anything useful or interesting (to me at least).

          • No, you would get a conversation that goes like this:

            Post: "I'm very well educated and <insert point here>"
            Reply: "You're an idiot because you can't even spell <insert word here>"

            Admittedly, it is an easy come-back, and if the reply was just in response to a post that didn't not proclaim the poster's great education or intelligence, it is worthless. However, when you preface the point with the great mind that thought it, pointing out that the great mind isn't so great is relevant.

          • Let's agree to disagree on this :)

          • Gladly!

          • "is that pointing out a typo in someone's post is not in any way a rebuttal of that person's argument."

            Stating that Calgary is the best-educated city in Canada is not an argument, it's an assertion. and does not merit a counter-argument.

            I think this type of thinking says a lot about modern education in a lot of places, but particularly in Alberta, where "teaching to the test" has done a lot to boost statistics on educational achievement.

      • Besides pointing out the spelling mistake, I questioned the assumption he's making. I don't know how you could miss that.

      • John_Edgar, you're absolutely correct. There is no convincing counter-argument.

        Most people who believe in climate change as a global danger believe so because of the fear that corporations and governments are once again denying something is a problem until it becomes an unavoidable issue, not because they have understood anything real about the science. I'm in that camp. The only counter-argument I'm in a position to hear would be something that convinces me that the aforementioned organizations aren't driven toward short-term profit and gain and consolidation of power at the expense of pretty much all else. And good luck with that!

        Meanwhile, most of the deniers know nothing more — and are interested in nothing more — than this: the socialists believe something, so I am obligated to hate it and slander at every opportunity those who espouse it. There is no argument against that either, at least not one based in science. They figure we actively want to shut everything down, ship all our money and jobs to India and China, and force everyone to live in taser-free homosexual vegetarian bicycle communes.

        So when someone's compelling argument amounts to "Tomorrow will be another blue sky day", then yeah, I'm gonna pick on the inconsistency of trumpeting his side's education versus not knowing how to spell his most well-known opponent's name — a man who has been part of Canadian culture (for better or worse) for decades. Because he's just braying, and I'm not above braying back.

        That being said, I sincerely respect your attempt to elevate the decorum, and bestow upon you an upward-pointing thumb.

        • Halo_Override, I am a denier and I don't base my opinion on believing something opposite of socialists, as a scientist I try to base my opinion on my interpretations of the facts. First, I don't think socialists are the ones perpetuating the climate change theory (Al Gore not really a socialist). Second, as much as there is financial motives to deny climate change, there are finacial motive to perpetuate it. It is hard to find research grants for a problem that the masses believe doesn't exist. As long as people are scared the world will end, they are willing to have their governments, corporate donations and universities funnel money into the issue.
          I am not saying that there doesn't exist a possibility that the climate is changing, but I don't believe that humans are the major factor in it. I also don't believe that with something as complicated as climate, we can say the science is settled based on the research done so far. Most of the deniers I know base their opinion on the same thing, not just to disagree with "socialists".

    • Perhaps your 'Calgary education' neglected to teach you to absorb what you read. It is Suzuki, not Sazuki. As an aside, over 80,000 Americans live in the 'Canadian' city of Calgary – I would hazard to guess that most of them are a little 'oily'.

      • The oily bird gets the…sazuki?

        Thought I had something there. Seems not.

    • The fact is I mispelled "Sazuki" on purpose. I said to my wife as I was writing that post last night how every would jump all over it. Today is a lovely blue sky day in Calgary.

      • How Machiavellian!
        So tell me, what did you think of the proposed changes to the anthem?

      • "how every would jump all over it."

        And you're trapping us again! Your evil genius knows no bounds!

        • Hey, I can't beat you to the draw even when you're OffTheJob. Let's call it a Ti.

      • Who is "every" ?

    • "Calgary has a lot of independent thinkers."

      Must be why the election results are always so unpredictable.

      • Politic loyalties are like hockey loyalties, passed down from generation to generation. The liberals set Calgary back once (do to changes in the oil royalties) to the point of people walking away from their houses because their outstanding mortgages were more than the value of the house. As a political party it is hard to recover from that kind of bitterness towards you. The election results to me are more about Calgarians ability to hold a grudge rather than their lack of independant thinking.

    • Darn tooting they do! That's why they gots them all those homeless peoples who can'ts even speel correctly! It's Suzuki and notably he, like anyone I can think of off the top of my head, wasn't educated in Calgary.

  3. Did you really mean to refer to Piper as Palin's dog in the post below or what that some keyboard mishap? You're being denounced as a liberal for it, so I thought you might want to clear that up.

    • He meant trained seal. I'm not sure that qualification would help.

    • I'd like clarification too, not about the dog comment though, about Cosh being a Liberal now, When did that happened and why did I not receive the memo?

      • I think they're saying liberal with a small l, as opposed to Liberal.

        Given how the comments have been going I can't help but recall an article I'd read back in about 2007 which pointed out that ideology aside, Hillary Clinton was to the right of Stephen Harper with regards to her voting pattern in the Senate vs. his in Parliament. Conservative in Canada may not mean so much to some of our friends down south.

        • "I think they're saying liberal with a small l, as opposed to Liberal. "

          Yeah, my bad. I meant liberal.

        • It's true with regards to health care; I'm not sure there's that much of a difference with regard to other issues.

          • You'd be surprised. The US is a significantly more conservative country than Canada is, and it shows up in a lot of different ways. I could probably write a few pages about this off the top of my head, but I think I'd rather go make myself a sandwich.

            Me saying "trust me" doesn't mean much given that I'm just some guy on the internet, but I did live and go to school in the US, and I closely followed the political discussion while I was there. While there is certainly a wide variety of views in the US, generally the country and culture is more conservative.

    • That odious and insulting slur was left up for far too long before being edited for it to have been an honest mistake. That is unless whatever editor, moderator or webmaster is supposed to maintain this piece of trash yellow journalism page is totally incompetent.

      • Freeper?

        • Outraged tone, check. No understanding of context, check. Not satisfied with correction of what was obviously an error, since the "insult" in question doesn't really make any sense, check. Avoidance of the Oxford comma, check.

          I think we have a winner.

  4. Educated.


    • Sazuki…it's the Calgarian inflection…or maybe Curt didn't get his larn'n in Calgary?

  5. I suspect that if she decided to run for mayor of Calgary she'd immediately stop being interesting and worth listening to as far as that wealthy, elite Calgary crowd is concerned. I'd expect they were there to see someone who they figure will be one of the leading Republican candidates for President in 2012, not a local politician.

    A US President who is all for drilling and loves talking about pipelines is great news for that crowd, a mayor who does that same thing has the wrong job.

  6. Somebody appears to be cheesed off.

  7. I'd be interested to know Cosh's honest impression of Palin the individual. Is she really a sub-par intellect with some charisma who is well out of her depth in US politics? Or is she a quick-witted and talented lady who's been maligned by the media as "stupid" because they dislike her politics, a la Reagan? Or is she somewhere in between?

    I have zero trust in most media outlets on this, but I'd put some weight on Cosh's honest assessment.

    • An honest assessment from a seemingly objective reporter would be very useful.

      In fact I could even envision paying for such assessments on a regular basis. You could compile them into a sheaf of papers each day and call it…oh, I don't know…. a "news paper" perhaps. Just thinking off the top of my head here. And then, the public could actually get valuable information on which to form voting decisions. Democratic government could be transformed!

      I know, I know, what a dreamer.

      • So what you're saying is you'll pay for trusted assesments, so long as they match the ones you've already come up with.. otherwize you'll "have zero trust" in them?

        • Yes that's right, if I ask for a reporter's honest opinion as to whether Palin is an idiot, a maligned latter-day Reagan, or something in between, it shows that I've already made up my mind.

          Speaking of matching an assessment "you've already come up with", you may want to try reading the comment before replying.

          • I don't understand how you could be lacking for unfiltered information. You saw the Veep debates, right?

            You've seen her media interviews?

            You've read her freely-available speeches?

            The press talks about Palin a lot, but if you want Palin Unplugged, there's plenty of material out there. Stop complaining about the media filter and make up your own mind.

          • Gaunilon's question is perfectly legitimate, but you have a point–I'm not a Palin specialist and I'm not privy to any relevant information that we don't all have access to. I certainly know what people mean when they say they like her "instincts" or that she's like Reagan. Reagan's literacy was deliberately underrated by opponents, but Palin has invited that sort of criticism more aggressively.

          • C'mon Colby. Reagan's literacy or comprehension skills were underarated by some of his opponents, but not by a good many others. He certainly knew how to communicate and frame a narrative, and by all accounts was a funny and kind man…which counts alot with me. However, he was still essentially an idealogue, who never had an original idea in his life. Many of the ideas he did have weren't particularly good ones either.

          • hmmm, unless you're aware of literary accomplishments i'm not…which is a real possibility.

          • Give Colby a break. He was only nine when Reagan came to power.

            What a lot of Reagan Youth remember is what the partisan revisionists have told them.

            I never thought Reagan was illiterate. Just obnoxiously faux-populist. But, in hindsight, not nearly as objectionable as Dubya and Cariboo Barbie.

          • " But, in hindsight, not nearly as objectionable as Dubya and Cariboo Barbie"

            i never thought i'd live to agree with a statement like that, but i do….i fear for our future. Just how much lower can the bar be lowered?

          • Sadly, even more "objectionable" than Bush and Palin. The seeds of the current economic crisis can be traced directly to the enacted policies of Reagan and Thatcher. We haven't seen the worst of it yet.

            The fact that at a majority of Americans revere Reagan indicates the depth of the American problem.

          • To my mind, meeting or at least seeing someone answering questions in person makes for a far better appraisal than video, particularly video of scripted speeches and nearly scripted debates. In the case of reporters the perspective can be even better because of their experience with many politicians.

            I mean, otherwise what would be the point of even reading these blogs?

            So, I appreciate the response. Could you expand on why people might like her "instincts" or think she's like Reagan, and I don't understand at all what you mean by "has invited that sort of criticism more aggressively".

          • Well, to give an example, one of the recurring themes of her talk last night was that humans are imperfectible and that it's foolhardy to rely on the power of an unlimited state, even one guided by science and reason, to march us toward utopia. Individuals and families have to work out their own salvation. I doubt you could pick out a single quote from the speech that put this idea in a sophisticated way, and it seems unlikely that she has read Burke or Hayek or Oakeshott or Russell Kirk, but the resonances are there. Her skepticism about government is personal and asystematic, and the sincerity of it can be questioned, but she succeeds in convincing people that it is deep-rooted.

          • Honestly Colby, I think if you find traces of defined philosophy in Palin's grab bag "worldview" it's either pure coincidence or it was pre-baked in rightwing boilerplate.

            What you call a "worldview", I call a bag of bumper stickers.

          • I see. So to you she seems to have a good (from her base's perspective) inherent sense of the role of the state vis a vis the individual, but little knowledge of her worldview's origins or role in the history of that age-old debate.

            That certainly sets her well below Reagan in terms of literacy. I'm not sure it sets her below Bush or Obama (or Biden!) though.

          • Gaunilon – Palin attended Hawaii Pacific University, North Idaho College, University of Idaho, Matanuska-Susitna College and finally managed to graduate from University of Idaho with a bachelors' degree in communications.

            Obama, well, lemme quote The Guardian: "At the age of 27, Obama was accepted to Harvard University's law school, where he graduated magna cum laude – with great honours – and was elected president of the Harvard Law Review, responsible for editing US jurisprudence's most prestigious publication."

            I realize that book learnin' isn't the same as literacy, intelligence or worldliness, but for the love of god, are you really wondering whether Palin might just match or exceed Obama in "literacy"?

            Give your head a shake.

          • "to march us toward utopia"

            Emphasis on us. Her "philosophy" is "I don't need no State tellin' me what to do — what about you?" If that's a philosophy, a preference for soy lattes is an ethos. Can we please cease dignifying this kind of cannibalism with the trappings of anthropology? She's a savage, point final.

          • "I doubt you could pick out a single quote from the speech that put this idea in a sophisticated way…"

            And far be it for the rest of us to expect such things from our public figures. Why it's downright impertinent!

            Honestly, you could not have written that last comment with a straight face, or you've fallen prey to exactly what a tabula rasa like Palin offers: an opportunity for each and every one of us to project our own beliefs about governance, the role of the state and what it means to be free onto her. Scary.

          • It's not projection. It just requires a certain amount of inference because of the relative incoherence.

          • Yes, but is she art?

          • "It's not projection. It just requires a certain amount of inference because of the relative incoherence"

            But it's not really incoherence CC, not at all. Any comparisan to Reagan for instance is entirely misleading. Much as i disagreed politically with him, i concede that he was an original, authentic if you like. More importantly he didn't exude Palins victim complex. I didn't realize it at the time but Reagan won people over by not making them feel excluded. With Palin you can feel the malice, the victim hood, the lack of generousity. It's not incoherence at all i sense, but rather a well developed instinct for division and vengence.

          • I'll just echo what TJCook said. There's plenty of primary evidence out there for you to come to your own conclusions of what Sarah Palin is genuinely like.

    • http://www.themudflats.net/

      Try above site – some very good articles from an Alaskan plus links to several Alaskan blogs. Lots of people who knew and know Palin very, very well. Grifter comes to mind for that opportunistic gal.

    • Much of what she spoke about are the same talking points she stumped on the Presidential campaign. A few changes here and there but nothing substantial to base a campaign or elected office on.

      When listening to people being questioned about her policies, no one answers the question. She speaks talking points. Usual response is "she's just like us". I know I don't want "us" in office — I want someone who is smark, who doesn't think war is the answer to many issues. Charisma and looks only gets you so far. For higher office, you cannot take a crash course of history/politics based on "Coles" notes. Interviews are avoided with exceptin of a few & those on Fox. Never appeared on Sunday morning shows. Speeches she makes now, the questions are pre-screened.

      One thing that I find is an issue is she has never taken responsibility for anything. Always somebody else's fault. The victim. Leave my kids alone statement but then why was her daughter brought out at the function, the same throughout the campaign at ever stop.

      • Yes, that last point is interesting. What does she say about the Couric interview?

        • Here's the Couric interview – feel free to form your own opinion on Palin's fitness to lead 1/3 of a billion people with a massive nuclear arsenal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbQwAFobQxQ

          How did Palin feel about the Couric interview? "Palin also writes harshly of CBS anchor Katie Couric, whom she describes as "badgering" and biased." http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2009/11/12/politic

          You have no excuse for not knowing this stuff, it's all just a google search away. So – as you discover all this Palin material, maybe you can let us know what you think of her.

          • lol

            I haven't bothered to keep up with Palin's gafes, but mt fav there was…we're a team of mavericks, independents in a team…oh my lord! In a way i feel for her, that's a tough job. But she asked for it, she has to wear it…and she lies,boy does she lie badly.
            Man those US jounalists were tough [ a bit gotcha maybe, but still]. We can only dream of our journalists being as tough here…or maybe it's just the press sensing blood in the water. Uncovering incompetent under prepared candidates should definitely be part of their job.

    • Holy Cripes! You can't figure her out on your own? It only proves just how far bullshit can baffle brains.

  8. "Whinny?"

    Calm down, James. Breathe through the nose.

  9. I'd be willing to bet that the bulk (no pun intended) of the audience was a fair representation of American right-wingnuts plus a few of our own (see Stockwell Day). You can't tell me that all 80,000 Americans who live in Calgary stayed away from their 'Lady of the oil Lamp'.

  10. This Alaskan was well aware of Palin for many-many years, has met her, voted for her for Lt. Governor, Governor and Vice President. I understand why she resigned her Governorship and do NOT feel betrayed. If she runs for any office, including President, I will vote for her again.

    No, I am NOT a Republican or a Christian, but rather a Libertarian/Constitutionalist Pagan. My former Governor has a MUCH larger and diverse base of support than you would think from all the media lies and vile misleading crap spewed by a few vengeful local blogging Moon-bats.

    Come to Conservatives4Palin.com to get a different, more rational veiw…..

    • "Conservatives4Palin.com is brought to you through an unrestricted grant from the Democratic party, and donations from people like you."

    • Bear in mind that C4P was started and has been mostly written by out-of-state people who don't know much about Palin. Rebecca Mansour was absolutely foul to local callers on Anchorage talk radio, and now she's writing for Palin on Palin's dime. The type of vile comments that have been made by RAM and allowed on the C4P site certainly aren't much of a recommend for it as a place to get a "more rational veiw [sic]."

    • OH… I have heard of that website…..
      THEY are the ones who BEG FOR MONEY for the QUITTER EX-Gov. They even had a weekend " BEG-a-Thon" last year.

    • eclecticak is a regular member of Palin political and social support websites, including palinforvp and standupforournation.
      Yeah, Republican neoChristian. From Fairbanks. Pagan? Not so much. Caucasian motorcycle guy. Teabagger. American flags and Patriot extraordinaire. Hate-filled rhetoric. Calls people names if they don't agree with him ("sociopathic Alaskan ankle-biter/Bloggers"). Refers to our President of the United States as "that Obomination".

    • Ya know I read your post and the first thing I thought was…"What a miss use of the word Pagan" not to mention that you can't get voted into office in the states unless you're a Christian so you might want to watch out for torches and burning people when Palin makes it in.

      Other than that, is it me or does anyone else think the names RAM and C4P sound awfully dirty? Good thing this is Canadian media or neither name would be allowed here.

  11. Bleah. Only in Calgary. Is it some sort of indicator of the human condition that the lowest common denominators in the population have to give celebrity and (almost) power to the biggest flakes and dimwits they can muster from their ranks? Any woman who can't name a single news source during an interview is a dolt. Paying money to hear her blather on about ANYTHING shows that you too are a dolt. Ergo, Calgary businessmen are dolts and it must be their mommies running the business behind their backs while they drive around their shiny new black 2010 model Lexus 'Small Winky.'

    • You leftist Bozo's are ALWAYS good for a laugh!…HA HA……LOL!!!!!!!!

    • Cesar, no idea where you live, but Sarah Palin will be speaking in Southern Ontario in April. I wonder if there are any dolts who own Lexus there? And what is the plural of "Lexus"?

  12. Having lived through the disaster that was and continues to be La Palin, I'd say you nailed the situation very well and provided two people some good laughs on a cold night. As for Gaunilon's question, I can offer this: I have a friend who has worked on oil and finance issues for three different governors, including for Palin in her Washington, D.C., office. About two weeks before John McCain nominated her, I lunched with my friend and asked him if Palin was as stupid as people were saying. He said, "If everything is written down on a half-sheet of paper first, she does fine." He resigned shortly afterward and found a smarter boss.

    • This sounds dubious to me. Two weeks before Palin was nominated most people had never even heard of her, let alone started to discuss her intelligence or lack thereof. The lefty blogs I was reading at the time were caught completely flat-footed.

      • wt,,,,
        How does an Alaskan having a friend prev working for SP become dubious? Does this really say that?

        • "About two weeks before John McCain nominated her, I lunched with my friend and asked him if Palin was as stupid as people were saying."

          That part. Two weeks before the nomination "people" weren't generally saying this.

          • There was a Draft Palin movement as far back as June. Bill Kristol made a fool of himself talking her up.

          • The Draft Palin movement wasn't questioning her intelligence, and so far as I saw she wasn't even on the Left's radar screen two weeks before the nomination. They expected either Pawlenty or Lieberman and were launching attacks accordingly.

          • You were dubious anybody knew about her being the possible nominee before McCain nominated her. Alaskans would have been well aware of it, especially those working for her.

          • No, actually, I was dubious about exactly what I said I was dubious about: that the "she's stupid" theme was being widely discussed two weeks before the nomination.

          • Gaunilon, Chris Kelly over at Huffington Post raised the idea that the governor might be tapped back in May 2008: "Governor Sarah Palin Has What It Takes To Be The Next Dick Cheney". While Mr Kelly's foresight was shared by very few, as governor of Alaska, Ms Palin was certainly being written about on "lefty blogs", though perhaps not the ones you were reading art the time.

          • Ok, that's interesting, but again if the thesis was that she had what it takes to be the Next Dick Cheney, then it wasn't the "Palin is stupid" talking point. If anything it was the opposite.

          • The poster is Alaskan – why is it difficult to believe he/she was asking the question in the context of Palin as Governor of his/her own state? Or don't you think Alaskans noticed how stupid she was on their own?

          • She had an 80%+ approval rating in Alaska at the time – the most popular state governor in all 50. Again, that "people" in general thought she was stupid seems dubious.

          • Palin was asked about the possibility of being tapped on right-wing local talk radio weeks before it happened, at which time she admitted that yes, she had talked w/ McCain at least a couple of times and had joked about it, so it wasn't all that big a surprise. McCain was a moderate who thought he needed the far right vote – and after having a specials needs baby, she was sure to bring in that segment.

            Many Alaskans, particularly those of us in Wasilla who knew anything about her record here, didn't vote for her, but were willing to give her a chance after she was elected, myself included – after all – anything had to be better than Murkowski. Unfortunately, we were wrong. The truth was just starting to come fully to light for many when she was tapped. Her approval rating has dropped considerably since then.

            She works crowds brilliantly, and in saying exactly what they want to hear, has become a true master of talking points, half-truths and flip-flops, and she has gotten away with it because her supporters are not the least bit interested in facts that refute the illusion that is Sarah, and have allowed her to avoid any interviews where she would have to demonstrate that she can think on her feet and has specific knowledge or strategies pertaining to anything important. I've seen her in person, and being someone who listens to speech content, was not impressed. Nor am I impressed by how much public money she helped herself to, or her lack of fiscal conservatism or low personal ethical standards. A good look at her actual record as mayor and governor, the vast amounts of audio and video coverage of her, the emails produced in searchable format by Crivella West, and a review of the many other sources available should convince any thinking person that she should never again be elected to any office.

          • Thanks, that's a worthy addition.

            I do have one quibble. To what are you referring by "low personal ethical standards"? Are we talking sub-Clinton here, or just sub-perfect?

      • Naw, that's not true. Anyone from Alaska knows that Mrs. Palin's stuff was simmering for a loooong time. Folks were mostly embarrassed, confused, and mystified on what to do about it. She had gentle warnings from people that mentored her; her response was that she could do anything she wanted.
        TrooperGate and the Walt Monegan scandal happened before she was tapped by McCain. It's the rest of the country who didn't know what was happening in Alaska – NOT ALASKANS!

        The 80% approval rating? Another piece of ridiculous bulls*^t that we keep hoping could just go away. Here's how it went – a small one-man hometown "firm" produced that independently. They handpicked roughly 400 people to surveyed by telephone. Criteria: had to have a landline and have voted in at least two of the last four state elections in order to be "eligible" to be surveyed. Some Alaska communities have 'no call' options with telephone directory listings, so there was that limitation as well.

  13. Palin the bimbo brought into the US election to support an old man who was losing
    Palin the Gov who quit before her term was up
    Palin the ex GOV making millions selling herself
    Electing her pesident would be the equivalent of electing Elisabeth May Prime Minister

    • You're a sexist, simpleton with no comprehension of the truth… Only innuendo, and self-projecting hatred.
      Kiss my American ass!

      • "Kiss my American ass! "

        If you're serious about that, there's a contingent in Calgary who might be able to help you out.

    • You had me until the last sentence. Now I gather you just don't like women, Eric the Dread.

  14. "I like Barack Obama, considering him strictly as a performer. Indeed, I already have an embarrassing printed history of vulnerability to his speaking style, despite my allergy to his politics. I pretty much fell for the Jeremiah Wright damage-control speech; I fell for the Cairo speech on Islam. When I read that Obama's first SOTU was expected to come in at 70 minutes, I cringed, thinking of the tangle-tongued G.W. Bush and the endless pandering shout-outs of Bill Clinton. In the event, Obama easily broke 80 minutes, but I was never conscious of making an effort to pay attention until the very last bit, when he wandered from policy and worked extra-hard to drive home the Clintonian message that he feels everybody's pain."

    Colby Cosh's judgment of speeches is highly dependent on style not substance. Palin's speech may just not have given him that bromantic feeling.

    • Maybe CC, like many of us, has an allergy to both lack of substance and style?

    • Didn't any of the Blogging Tories attend this? If you want sympathetic coverage maybe you should look there.

    • It's more fun to tease conservatives, Jan. Liberals are a lost cause until they are "mugged by reality" and they are also wound too tightly to take even the gentlest criticism. The typical " You're a racist/sexist/nazi!!!" response of the left gets old and boring.

      kcm, I think that Palin does have substance. Smaller government, lowering the deficit/debt and realizing prosperity is dependent on fossil fuel for the foreseeable future are substantive even if you disagree with those ideas. Her redneck style that so annoys the feminists, progressives, journalists and the political class is just an awesome bonus.

      • I will grant you that, L.C. It is very obvious as well that she appeals strongly to the dim-wits, half-wits, bull-necked rednecks, unraptured Jesus freaks and Stepford-like females. Just a swell crowd to hang out with!

      • If just once she could elaborate on some of her goals. She never seems to get past the beauty pageant I want to end world hunger' level of detail.

    • Speaking of dimwits and halfwits… let's compare Palin with an ex-politician darling of the left – Al Gore, the Nobel and Oscar winning celebrity.

      His genius – "the interior of the earth is extremely hot, several million degrees".

      Religious, tree hugging freak – “…[W]hat is at stake is our ability to use the rule of law as an instrument of human redemption.”

      From The Inconvenient Truth: "Are you ready to change the way you live”? Following this line of thinking, the movie's web site suggests many ways that you can “reduce your impact at home,” including using less heating and air conditioning,

      Fromthe Tennessee Center for Policy Research: Gore's Nashville mansion consumed more than 20 times the electricity than the national average. Last August, the Gore mansion burned more than twice the electricity in a single month as the average American family uses in an entire year. Gore's heated pool house alone uses more than $500 in electricity every month.

      Yep, I can see that the left is the keeper of intellectual superiority, rational thought and non-religious thinking.

      Just a swell crowd to hang out with!

  15. Putting "The Final Word" in the headline is just being a tease. Don't be so mean.

  16. The room seated 1000 and 200 more seats were added last minute but I've heard that 500 seats of the original 1000 were not sold publicly. Who had those- were they picked up by TransCanada Pipeline, or Alberta conservatives, or pro-life, or who? Did Ralph Klein pay $200 from his lunch money?
    And where did Palin ever do a public gig in Canada before she quit?

  17. Enter text right here! Too bad a member of the Canadian media has tto join the rapacious pack of Palin-bashers in the left wing US press. How predictable– How predictable you are Colby–just another gulper of the anti-Palin kool-aid. How about dissing someone else for a change??? Perhaps you should direct your derision at our overrated/overhyped "all talk no action" do-nothing president who continues to lie about what he plans to do (and never does).. By the way, have you heard the latest slogan spreading like wildfire through the States??? "Anybody But Obama(ABO) in 2012–should his popularity continue to plummet, the "Big O" will be reduced to miniscule before the year is out..

    • the "Big O" will be reduced to miniscule before the year is out.

      And then all your problems will be over.

      • the "Big O" will be reduced to miniscule before the year is out.

        I suspect Mrs Worldly might say we're already there.


    • Maybe you should live your name. Travelling is a wonderful education and teaches so much about interesting people other than those like yourself

    • Why would he mention anything about Obama when writing about a Palin speaking engagement he attended. How does that make any sense? Thats like saying why didn't he write about the weather in Calgary or the oil sands – because it wasn't the point of the article!

  18. elect Sarah Mayor and you too can be 20,000,000 in debt.

    • Elect Arnie Scwharz and you can be 20,000,000,000 in debt. Elect Obama and go for 20,000,000,000,000.

  19. And yet, PALIN caught in another lie:

    Two conflicting stories of her brother's "kid accident." In Canadian speech she talks of him being whisked to Whitehorse by train & in this account of her visit to her first home in Skagway she tells the story of her brother being burned & her mother taking him by ferry to Juneau for treatment.


  20. The folks in the room may have been climate change deniers — people who shell out 150 to listen to Palin are clearly deniers of some sort — but Calgarians and Albertans are not anti-environmentalists.

    • Climate Change Deniers????? Maybe they know more about this issue than you do!…Clown!!

  21. I hope you were rubbing your hands together menacingly while proofreading this post.

  22. Inquiring minds want to know. Did she stay overnight in Calgary? If so, where? Perhaps a residence of a TransCanada exec?

  23. Decent commentary, Mr. Cosh.
    For those of you not familiar with Calgary, well, it's a city with a civic culture that desperately wishes it was part of the USA. And by that I mean the large portion of the population who are paid-up members of the "born-again, family-values, flat-earth, climate change denying, the earth is 6,000 years old, and anyone with a post-secondary education that has nothing to do with oil and gas is a commie" crowd.
    Naturally, they worship an egregiously mediocre right-wing populist Sarah Palin. These folks probably also believe that Fox News is the epitome of electronic journalism, and fervently insist that all Alberta motor vehicles should carry a Confederate flag licence plate (though a good proportion of them do already).
    That Sarah Palin, a person so vacuous, mediocre, incurious and uninformed she should be made an honourary Calgarian, came here to speak is not surprising. After all, we welcomed George W. and Condie Rice, as well.
    Ah, this fake cowboy burg with its endless 'burbs, dead central core, hostility to education and the arts, fake-cowboy Stampede and its bogus "USA! USA!" culture, contains no shortage of well-off folks who remain seized with the conviction that ignorance is a virtue and who, like Ms. Palin, pretend to hate the state in general and government in particular while desperately wishing to be part of it.
    My grandma, who was born and raised in Calgary, once declared: "Life's too short to live in Alberta." God, was she spot on.

  24. Sarah Palin does not have a large following in the USA. The group that does follow her is loud and fanatical, but it does not constitute a large percentage of voters. Thank God, goddesses, and minor deities.

    Canuckistan has accurately described her followers in his first paragraph but has erroneously attributed those traits to the American population at large, or more accurately if I understand his meaning, to those in Calgary who think they know what Americans are like and want to emulate us (in this instance, our lowest caliber of citizens).

    Mind you, I say that even though I live in overly-conservative rural, gas & oil-driven Kansas with a Republican-dominated legislature that would like to turn back public education to the 1800's or do away with it altogether. Living in Eastern Kansas is a totally different mindset than surviving in Western Kansas.

    However, Sarah and her cohorts in no way represent the majority of Americans. We do still have a long way to go to achieve intellectual parity with Europeans and regain our civility (we all seem to think of Canada as a kind and civil nation), but we working towards those those goals. If we could divest ourselves of corporate and NRA control, we might have a chance. Until then, you will see phenomenon such as Palin keep popping up like boils on our collective bottom.

    Thanks for a great article. Just know that Americans are still evolving. We will remember our manners, reign-in our manic fringe, and rejoin the civilized world once the Bushies and their spawn die off or retire under the rocks from whence they came.

    • Ks Sunflower, with all due respect, be careful what you wish for. Take a look around the World. Socialism is NOT Utopia!!

  25. ks sunflower, your second observation of what I had written about a significant proportion of fellow Calgarians was correct: it's about those who adopt the values of those Americans who are convinced that an intellectual feather-weight and crude demagogue like Palin has become, inexplicably, the conservative saviour of your nation.

    I think most Canadians, perhaps even a few Calgarians, look upon Palin's fellow-travelers – the Tea-Baggers, the Birthers, the Minutemen, the Second Amendment fanatics, the assorted bigots who can't accept that there's a Afro-American in the Oval Office, the reactionaries who confuse public medicare with communism, the fans of Glen Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh (etc., ad nauseum) – and wonder what in hell is going on. As this right-wing cohort tends to scream the loudest these days, there's the misconception from those of us on the outside that the US is in the throes of some serious right-wing nastiness. Or, as we like to say up here, in the throes of Calgarianism. ;-)

    I think most of us know – or hope – that the majority of Americans share little in common with the views of Palin and her supporters. That a majority of Republicans and others on the US right think Ms Palin is unqualified for high office is also comforting.

    America never ceases to amaze and surprise, that much is certain. It also defies any single descriptor. Cheers.

    • I read personalities, performance and the psychology of both. Frankly, I would not trust her to conduct the finances of a small town of 1200 people in northern Ontario.

  26. hmmm……………bitches don't whinny, horses do. I presume you meant 'whiny'. Do you suffer from a 'Calgary education' too?

  27. http://www.themudflats.net/

    Learn all about Bible Spice from those who know her – links to all sorts of Alaskan blogs as well. Forget the gift wrapping and take a good look at the cheesy present it wraps.

  28. Obama uses professionally-written speeches via a teleprompter. Palin not.

    Now, re-read Colby's article and you will better appreciate the bias oozing out of every word.

    • Are you seriously claiming Obama can't speak off the cuff? Or Pallin on the cuff.

    • Manny – You are way off base. Obama writes many of his own speeches (and his own books) and participates in editing all of his own speeches. Palin NOT. This nonsense about a teleprompter is boring. There are countless instances of Obama conducting live town meetings without the use of a teleprompter and certainly without writing notes on his had like a 4th grader. Palin is an idiot and a liar.

    • Manny…. that explanation sounds like a comment from a 12 yo.
      ( Because ALL politicians use a teleprompter )

      BTW….. I guess YOU failed to notice the 1 1/2 hour DISCUSSION he had with ALL the GOP Politicians at their Retreat last month. There were NO pre-arranged questions ( unlike Palin speeches at Tea-Bag Convention ) and he made them look like a bunch of whiny school Kids…. for an HOUR AND A HALF !! ALL of America saw it… LIVE.

  29. How many pictures would you like to see of Palin using a teleprompter in the past? Yes, Obama uses professional speech writers, just as all prior Presidents did although he has a great deal of input into his speeches, too. It tells you that people are really grasping at straws to try to mock President Obama for using a teleprompter. Palin uses her speech written on cards or paper in front of her. Tell me, please, why either of these things should matter?

    Anyone who has given lengthy speeches, Palin included, has hired speechwriters. Hers even traveled with her to Hong Kong.

    While I personally do not agree with the politics Palin ascribes to and feel President Obama is making slow but steady headway considering the mess he inherited, this gradeschool mocking needs to stop.

  30. Due to the childish obscene comments my guess would be that James is a teabaggin' American. They are just rather nasty.

  31. Manny – You are way off base. Obama writes many of his own speeches (and his own books) and participates in editing all of his own speeches. Palin NOT. This nonsense about a teleprompter is boring. There are countless instances of Obama conducting live town meetings without the use of a teleprompter and certainly without writing notes on his had like a 4th grader. Palin is an idiot and a liar.

  32. anyone know of any polls on the popularity of Palin in Canada? in Alberta? In Calgary?

    I thinks it is hard to speculate about Palin's popularity without any poll numbers. This is mostly hot air and typical trans-provincial fighting. I am bloody sick of it.

  33. They attempted to weight it per capita. In Alaska, 80% of the population lives in an urban area on the road system – Fairbanks, Anchorage and "the Valley" being the primary population centers.
    It was done in late July/early August. During an Alaska summer, people are either stuck at work or recreating frantically in the Alaska sun. So who's at home answering their landline on a summer day?
    According to the demographic analysis by the researcher, most of the respondents were Caucasian, married more than 20 years, and live in an urban area. Do the math yourself. Get the correct information yourself; don't take my word for it. Hays Research Group or Ivan Moore Research.

  34. Here's the question:
    Do you have a very favorable, somewhat favorable, somewhat unfavorable, or very unfavorable impression of Sarah Palin?

    Very favorable 179/404 44.3%
    Somewhat favorable 144/404 35.6%
    Total somewhat + very favorable 323/404 80.0%
    Somewhat unfavorable 44/404 10.9%
    Very unfavorable 21/404 5.2%
    Total somewhat + very unfavorable 65/404 16.1%
    No Opinion 12/404 3.0%
    Never heard of 4/404 1.0%

  35. Same survey, a year later (July 2009):
    Very positive 1 20/400 30.0%
    Somewhat positive 67/400 16.8%
    Total positive (very+somewhat) 187/400 46.8%
    Somewhat negative 65/400 16.2%
    Very negative 125/400 31.2%
    Total negative (very+somewhat) 190/400 47.5%
    No Opinion 18/400 4.5%
    Don't Know the person 5/400 1.2%
    Refused 0/400 0%

  36. I've figured it all out. Exactly how to say something nice about Sarah Palin and yet really put across the Liberal media opinion of her.

    "Sarah Palin's hot. Seriously, Milf hot. I'd do her. I'd hang her upside down on an Alaskan beach and wait for the tide to come in afterwards. But I'd do her."

    How's that?

  37. Let's let Sarah Palin have the final word…

    Source – Washington Post

    Sarah Palin: God wrote on his hand too

    At an Ohio Right to Life fundraiser Friday night, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin once again defended the notes she wrote on her hand during last month's Tea Party Convention. She said she didn't have a good answer to media criticism at the time, but now she has one: God did it too.

    A supporter sent her the biblical passage Isaiah 49:16: "See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are ever before me."

    "If what was good enough for God, scribbling on the palm of his hand, it's good enough for me, for us," Palin said. "In that passage he says, I wrote your name on the palm of my hand to remember you. And I'm like okay, I'm in good company."

  38. Whatever doubts one may have about the ability of Palin, there can be no doubt now that Obama and Biden are failures at everything they have tried..

  39. Why does Canada let her in?
    She is not welcome.
    We do not want to hear her criticize our Healthcare system
    .People who criticized the Olympics were not let in.

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