“[People were] begging him while the executions were going on. It’s a horrible thing to talk about.”


My story about Bill Horace, a Toronto man who has been accused by multiple witnesses and sources of war crimes and crimes against humanity, has been posted on our website.


“[People were] begging him while the executions were going on. It’s a horrible thing to talk about.”

  1. "We like to complain in this country that there is too little original reporting about important matters deserving wider public attention, but then when significant original reporting happens we pay it too little heed." Paul Wells

    Do you agree with Wells, Petrou?

    I always enjoy your articles when they are in Macleans and wonder myself why they don't get more attention. I wonder if msm is avoiding Bill Horace story specifically because he is African and people are not sure what they are allowed to say/write without being accused of something. I enjoy your columns Petrou because you write about things that others aren't, you remind me of Nick Cohen (Observer, Standpoint) who I also read.

  2. Good piece. It will be interesting to see what develops.

  3. Here's hoping this sparks an investigation if there isn't already one ongoing. Great work on this!

  4. Thanks for the well researched article.

    Do you know, given that these events occurred in 1993 is there any statute of limitations regarding the Canadian law you reference? (although war crimes/crimes against humanity don't have a statute of limitations, do they?)

    You might also be interested to see that very similar accusations were made against Sumo (who you refer to as a co-conspirator in Maryland Co.) as recently as the war in 2003. Please see page 35 of the UN Panel of Expert report on the sanctions regime against Liberia:

    Let's hope Canada acts on this.

  5. Excellent article… i wouldn't say that reporting such as this goes unnoticed by the general public, it's just too complicated or complex for most to be able to comment in a way that is personally satisfying.

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