Please, Lord, No More Tek Jansen Adventures -

Please, Lord, No More Tek Jansen Adventures


I can’t believe that on the first new show of the year, The Colbert Report devoted a valuable chunk of time to another Tek Jansen cartoon. Is there a secret Tek Jansen fan cult out there that’s seeing things the rest of us don’t see? I mean, I get that the whole Tek Jansen thing is a parody of Those Who Trespass in particular, and people who create super-perfect fictionalized versions of themselves in general. I liked the Tek Jansen joke when it was first introduced. But the cartoons themselves are (to me) just not funny, and they bring any episode they’re in to a screeching and expensive halt. They seem detached from the humour of the rest of the show; even though the Colbert writers work on them, they don’t incorporate many of the Colbert character’s own quirks and obsessions. Which loses the point of the Colbert character using sci-fi to get revenge on his enemies and make himself into a hero, and just makes the cartoons into duller versions of Adult Swim shows.

Oh, well, at least the non-Tek portions of last night’s episode gave me my new favourite catchphrase: “Hamburger, you’re good!”

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Please, Lord, No More Tek Jansen Adventures

  1. Yeah, I agree. It was a mildly funny gag when it first appeared, but it’s gone on waaaay too long. In comparison to Colbert’s typical supreme omega excellence, the Tek Jansen bits are rather meh. As you said, they just suck the momentum out the Reporrre and reek of filler. btw, I thought the Alan Colmes thing was pretty lame too. He looked more uncomfortable with Stephen the fake right-wing windbag than he did with Hannity the legitimate right-wing windbag.

  2. I agree. Who writes Tek Jansen? I don’t understand the humor. It seems raunchy and very unlike everything else on TCR. Colber/Colmes was off too. I hope for a better rhythm to the show tonight.

  3. I’ll pile on too. Was hoping for some SNL-style short-but-sweet animation but this was awful. Teletoon offers better in the same time slots (not that they should be competing against each other).

  4. Tek Jansen rocks. McLean’s is also misnamed. You should cal youselves McLames.

  5. Tek Jansen rocks. McLean’s is also misnamed. You should call yourselves McLames. One more thing – this web form appears to work as well as your publisher’s cell phones.

  6. Colbert has gone downhill a big way over the past few years. The satire has been getting ever more obvious and cheap–it’s like they’re not really trying anymore. The Report was great when you could imagine a zealous enough Republican partisan thinking the show was serious and not satire.

  7. These are the worst.