Podcast: The Maclean’s Morning After Budget Day Briefing

Paul Wells, Kevin Page, Stephen Gordon and Ailish Campbell deconstruct Flaherty’s plan

After Budget Breakfast with Macleans at Sidedoor Restaurant in Ottawa February 12, 2014. Photo by Blair Gable for Maclean's Magazine

After Budget Breakfast with Macleans at Sidedoor Restaurant in Ottawa February 12, 2014.
Photo by Blair Gable for Maclean’s Magazine

In the early hours on the day after budget day Maclean’s deconstructed the federal budget at Ottawa’s Side Door restaurant. The panel of four special guests discussed Jim Flaherty’s ninth budget.

We recorded the confab for those of you with conflicting schedules.

First, an introduction of our panellists:

Highlights from our budget conversation:

We also live-blogged the event: 


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Podcast: The Maclean’s Morning After Budget Day Briefing

    • Typical socialist CON. Trusts are used by successful, sophisticated individuals and families to reduce the tax burden on money they’ve already earned through hard work, education, planning…. I have trusts set up to pay for my kids and grandkids educations. You know – education? That thing smart people do, that you never bothered with? Of course the CONS don’t like this. They’d prefer to tax my trusts and cut corporate taxes instead. Steel from the successful middle class and give to the super-rich. When did you CONs become socialists anyway?

      • When did you CONs become socialists anyway?

        Probably about the same time you progressives embraced tax-dodging schemes and aggressive tax planning.

        Good for you to put money away for your kids’ education. But have you ever heard of RESPs and TFSAs? You don’t need some special legal loop hole to shelter even more money. I’m all in favour of cutting tax rates, but special breaks for special folks (or “sophisticated” as you like to refer yourself) I’m not a fan of.

        • With all due respect, I’m not about to take tax planning advice from some working class nobody who probably doesn’t earn as much as I pay in taxes each year. My husband and I are both in the top tax brackets both federl and provincial and we need some way of reducing our tax burden. My kids aren’t going to welding school with your kids their going to an expensive US university or maybe overseas so they can come back here and make a REAL contribution. The piddly $5500 annual limit for TFSAs doesn’t even become available until they turn 18. RESPs are a joke. Now you want to expose the money we’ve put away for them through careful (and expensive) tax planning to the highest tax bracket as well? Are you going to refund us the legal and accounting fees we spent to set those trusts up? You’ve got some nerve lecturing me on what I should be doing with my money. Coffee break is over monkey-boy. Back to the assembly line. And do remember to pick up groceries on the way home from the factory tongiht so your stay at home wife can make dinner. I mean supper. I keep forgetting you working class types call it “supper” not dinner.

          • You tell ’em, Geraldine. LOL

          • Somebody had to every day I wake up and I hear some news about how the CONS are making things more difficult for educated and successful people, but easier for working class slobs. I’m forced to send my kids to school elsewhere because the CONs have diverted funding away from universities and into trades schools and our universities have gone to crap. Now they’re going to tax away the money I saved for this purpose? You think the fools up in Fort Mac have trusts put away for thier kids? They’ll buy their kids 4×4 extended cab trucks rather than send them to school. Harp cut the GST to 5% – we’re saving money! Woo hoo! When I see some ill-informed, uneducated bumpkin show up and start crowing about how I’m getting screwed and how its a good thing it gets me going.

          • LOL You’re very good….I’m saving your posts for inspiration….who are you really?

          • You’ll have to wait for that personality to reappear for an answer. That’s the thing when you’re juggling multiple personalities – you don’t get to choose which one comes out and when. Must be frustrating for you.

          • On god i hope you aren’t a member of the LPC.

          • Gee this meme sounds strangely familiar – claims to be rich and successful while using words like ‘monkey boy’..

          • I’m pretty sure this is a joke account. Well played, “Geraldine”

          • I suspect one of Emily’s alter egos. There are just too many similarities in attitude to ignore. Her use of the word ‘CONS’ is telling.

          • Doesn’t it though? This is the 3rd or 4th time I’ve been targeted with almost the identical diatribe. All the common themes are there. Contempt for the working class. Check. A smear about my alleged lack of education. Check. A segue into how this is reflective of the wider country, and how we’re all turning into a bunch of blue collar bumpkins. Check. And then, the requisite swipe at stay-at-home wives, and the usual “monkey boy” (my avatar is a chimp, not a monkey, but no matter).

            Then, after a suitable delay, Emily shows up to voice her agreement and give him/her a thumbs up. Just by coincidence of course. She just happened along and saw a post she agreed with. A post filled with the same crap she’s been peddling for years. Just so happens that all her hobby horses are included in a single post. Nah, couldn’t be.

          • It’s as subtle as a sledge hammer, but I find it hilarious.

          • Or she uses her multiple personalities to get posts flagged.
            If she were a lawyer, she’d be a Cybil Attorney.

          • Hey she did start off with all due respect. Although how she knew you were a monkey with a talent for welding is beyond me. If her kids make the kind of REAL contribution she does i might be forced to become a Con socialist [ WTF that is] myself just to annoy her some more.

          • A “CON socialist”? That’s when you “Steel (sic) from the successful middle class and give to the super-rich.” But I think you can also give it to the welders.

            Speaking of which, I haven’t welded since grade 10 shop class, when I nearly burned down grade 10 shop class. So she’s way off.

          • You would be wise to listen to Raging Ranter on this issue.

          • You’re the 1%. We should soak you with a 75% tax rate. That will solve everything, apparently.

            …Says the comment-writer Sig with a healthy dose of sarcasm.

      • Unless you’re recently deceased or are a wealthy immigrant sheltering money in Canada, these changes don’t really affect you.

        By the way, if you’re maxing out your TFSAs every year and have trusts set up for your children worth as much as you’re claiming they are, you aren’t middle class. You are almost certainly in the top 10% of family incomes, probably in the top 1%. Congratulations, you are the super rich.

        • Yes, the testamentary trusts only shelter income at the lowest tax rate for 3 years after death. Somehow, Geri got her panties in a bunch thinking that the trusts she had set up for her kids were affected. There are few easier ways to antagonize a spoiled, self-entitled elitist than to hint that their tax shelters are under threat. That being said, I still think she’s a sock puppet for Emily, or some manifestation of Emily’s mental illnesses (plural).

        • Not super rich….she’d be upper middle class. But I don’t think that is the point here.

          • Neither top 10% nor top 1% of incomes are “upper middle class” by any sensible definition of the term. She might not be super rich, but she’s certainly rich.

          • No, billionaires are super rich….multi-millionaires are rich…..anything else is upper middle class.

          • No. Generally middle class is defined as the three middle income quintiles, with “upper middle class” being the topmost of those three quintiles (ie. in the top 60-80% of incomes). It is literally the upper part of the middle income bracket. What is now generally called “high income” rather than “upper class” is the top 20% of incomes–which corresponds to a family income exceeding about $125,000 annually.

            Multi-millionaire and multi-billionaires aren’t even really measuring the same thing, since these are measurements of wealth, not income. But if you’re making over $100k per year, chances are you’re at least a millionaire once you add up your assets, particularly your home.

          • Google is your friend.

          • No, rich is using sock puppets to convince us that others agree with you. Super-rich is continuing with the charade long after you’ve been called on it.

  1. Liberal arts degrees are tickets to doom for rest of us who have to pay for witless social scientists that feds employ.

    • I thought that until my first day in a bread baking course. Now I’m thinking of taking a new zen approach to living my sun brother.

      • Very funny maggot. I own a bread machine!

        Only hippies make their own bread

  2. Not only do I think Jim Flaherty lying to Canadians, I honestly believe he is taking some kind of strong medication, because of his slurry sound(heavy breathing), and glib and flippant answers. he sounds like someone sedated on some kind of drug and I mean that in a serious way. am I the only one that thinks this ?

    • He’s on prednisone, which has all kinds of side effects. Lucky you that you don’t have to take it.

      • Listen my friend, I have enough knowledge of what an illness can do to a person, im on dialysis, and it don’t get much worse than that, so before you go shooting your mouth off, you should realize that when taking drugs, there can be side effects and the drugs can sometimes cloud your memory and judgement. So if he has an illness and he is taking meds, he should not be working in a such stressful job because he dosnt look very credible or plausible with answers to reporters questions..

        • Point taken. My apologies. My wife had to take presnidone a while back. She never slept for a month. It’s no fun.

      • It’s horrible, I had to take it and it takes a toll on you..

        • My wife has an aunt who was on it for a decade or more, for the same condition Jim Flaherty has. The side effects get worse over time, and her health will never recover from it, even though she’s off now. Thankfully it was prescribed to my wife for entirely frivolous and unnecessary reasons (if that’s something to be thankful for) and she only took it a short time before realizing she didn’t need it, and it was making things worse, not better.

          • OMG a decade?! That’s terrible!
            I took it for a year and half on and off, and it is the worst feeling, but it made a difference with my lungs (was in car accident and lungs got punctured and couldn’t heal for a long time) but it was a roller coaster, gained weight too, different kind of weight gain, like a blow fish, puffy. Just got off it recently and I feel I am getting my life back. Your wife is lucky she didn’t need it, I hope all is well.

  3. I am still waiting for an intelligent alternative to be tabled by the NDP and Liberals. Still waiting…………..yawn, still waiting ……………….zzzzzzz,still waiting………………..forget about me?

    • Trying to, I assure you.

      However, if you want to see that alternative, then what you need to do is vote for them so they have the opportunity to do that. Being as they’re the opposition, not the government, they generally don’t get the chance to table budgets, as that’s the government’s job — no matter how poorly it gets done.

      • They do however have the ability to produce options

        • Can I have onion rings as my option?

          • You do realize I worked in a restaurant along with my regular job to pay off my student loan when they did you default on yours?

          • Hilarious, no I planned, saved and worked. Summers in a factory and winters working for the parks department.

            Funny what a little bit of foresight will get you

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          • Oh! Burn!

          • No!

          • Or in your case sucking on a foreskin

          • You projecting again Bri?

          • When they did you? Did you graduate?

          • A happy retirement and freedom from supporting your lying butt

          • Can I have your real name and your work history that doesn’t include cutting the lawn for mommy because she has to give her 40 year old anti-social son something to do so she can wash the white stains off his sheets.

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          • No I dream about you dying and giving society a huge gift.

    • Okay Brian it’s past your bedtime

      • My dad died in 1993 your brain has been dead longer. get lost Troll!

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          • So Don while I was working two jobs where you working both hands

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          • Telling lies about me is your world Boy happens when you have no life

          • Nah, just retelling a typical day at the Swift Current BK

          • More interesting than a day living in Winnipeg Yeti!

          • What did the people of winnipeg do to you? Order fries AND onion rings?

          • What’s wrong with Winnipeg you miserable fart?

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          • Strip Poll Maintenance Tech, Burger Flipper, French Fry Inspector.

            Nice Jobs Brian

          • Did Mommy give you $10 to stop creaming the VCR

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          • Oh the burger flipping years for you

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          • Had another one which I didn’t mention on facebook so Don the Maggot and Boco No Nuts wouldn’t be talking about it six years later

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