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Canadians consider Ottawa.

Ipsos Reid asked Canadians if they would “encourage any family member to run for public office because it is a noble calling.” Most Canadians polled — two out of three, or 66% — said no.

… 72% of those surveyed by Ipsos Reid said they disagreed with the statement “Politicians in Ottawa got a lot done this year.”

… 55% of Canadians surveyed said they do not believe that the minority government is working well.

… Asked, “If we elect a new set of political leaders to the federal Parliament, will things be better?” 62% of respondents said “No.”


Political scientists

  1. … Asked, “If we elect a new set of political leaders to the federal Parliament, will things be better?” 62% of respondents said “No.”

    This doesn't bode well for an election in 2010. We'll probably have to wait until 2011 at the earliest.

    • you think the threshold for elections is when people think Ottawa is going to work well? we may never have an election again!

      • The key words are: "a new set of political leaders".

        • it was a joke CR – albeit prob a weak one. that being said, if i was betting I suspect that this question always polls within a fairly narrow margin save points when people see the government as being so corrupt they are no longer tolerable (e.g., Libs during Martin era).

          • It would be interesting to track the historical polling numbers for this question.

          • agreed CR. I wonder if it actually correlates with inflections in people's perspective on the parties and their leaders.

  2. There's little doubt that Canada would be functioning a lot better poltically with a majority Conservative government at this point.

    As we enter the 5th year of Conservative governance, it does appear that an era of Pax Harpera is dawning on Canadian politics. The next election will likely bring about a Conservative majority government. This poll is further evidence that Canadians want a majority Conservative government.

    • I am wearing a blue shirt. Obviously, then, my hair is red.

      I have a 2004 model car. It is therefore clear I have three children.

      This is a fun game, Jarrid, am I playing it right?

    • Oh Jarrid, don't ever change.

  3. Clean up on comment two. Bring the sawdust and the Febreeze.

  4. Certainly one reason why Canadians don't think the minority government is working well is the extreme politicization of every conceivable issue, even non-political ones, by the opposition. Take two such stories, described by Norm Spector in his blog today at the Globe:

    1. The opposition Liberals peddled a story, which was accepted by the media as gospel truth, that Harper has placed a communion wafer in this pocket. Remember wafergate? The media later admitted they were wrong. As Spector puts it:

    "And all Canadians were left with was a reminder that the Liberals are prepared to match the Conservatives low blow for low blow, which should not have come as a surprise since they originated many of these dark techniques during the Chrétien years."

    2. The Liberals hyperbolic approach during the swine flu pandemic, which was the news story of the year. The Liberals were desperately trying to shamelessly exploit the issue politically. Again, here's Spector: "As Canadians' anxieties mounted, opposition critics appeared to be practically slavering for the situation to worsen into Stephen Harper's Katrina, in the inimitable analogy of Alfred Apps."

    • They're paying you overtime today, I hope, because it's technically a federal holiday.

  5. I don't know what was the lowest point in Canadian politics this year.

    It's a toss-up between the Liberal Party of Canada's shameful and baseless expolitation of a holy Catholic ritual for partisan reasons or the Liberal Party of Canada's health critic's outrageous use of her Parliamentary budget 10-per-center to scare aboriginal Canadians with pictures of aboriginal children and body bags during the H1N1 flu pandemic.

    It's a pretty tough call, both are bottom of the barrel, execrable stuff.

    • I think the lowest point was the Conservatives covering up their war crimes.

    • Looks like someone got a thesaurus for Christmas!

      • Jarrid, speaking of Holy Communion, can you tell me why Jason Kenney is still allowed to receive it? He called the Roman Catholic church antisemitic, by association by condemning KAIROS, in his speech in Jerusalem.

        • KAIROS, that leftist aid group = The Roman Catholic Church. Bit of stretch there Greg.

          Cutting off government funding to a leftist group that likes to play politics instead of helping the poor.

          I'm O.K. with that Greg. I daresay most Canadians are too.

          If they really are a worthy cause, I'm sure Canadians will support them generously. Why does everybody think sucking the government teat is a God given right.

          • So now the Jesuits are nothing but leftists worthy of derision? Huh…good to know.

  6. As the jarrid character calmly makes one logical (maybe partisan but logical) statement after another those that dislike him reply, not with well thought out counter-arguments, but with immature and random quips about hamsters and sawdust.

    We don`t need a poll to see who wins this argument everytime.

    • Yeah, logical. Uh uh.

    • That's cuz it's not healthy to encourage delusional thinking.

      It's difficult to stop it but it's not good to enable it.

    • If jarrid counts as calm in your universe, you must be surrounded by Ritalin junkies.

      • That would be a low even for Ritalin junkies.

    • We don`t need a poll to see who wins this argument everytime.

      I don't know about that common man. The Liberals have been stumbling around for 4+ years. The CLOWNservatives took over when the economy was strong, they tried desperately to buy Canadian votes with GST cuts and Economic Action plan signs. And still Harper is no closer to majority territory? Harper doesn't cut it. He is not the guy that will lead the Conservatives to a majority victory.

      Harper is the dude I voted for in 2006 but it only took me about 8 months to figure out he wasn't going anywhere. That was back when times were reasonably good and the media still loved him or at least gave him and "Canadas New Government" a free pass. He alienates, He divides, Harper is not transparent, he is secretive and controlling. These are not qualities of a good leader. Canadians have been slow to wake up to this but they are waking up.

      • Tceh says:' Canadians have been slow to wake up to this but they are waking up'
        Right you are, waking up to the reality that the best is already in government:

        “If we elect a new set of political leaders to the federal Parliament, will things be better?”
        62% of respondents said “No.”

  7. This whole thing hs a 'tragic' side to it… Running and being elected to public office should not have the low reputation. In fact it should be a 'highest calling' to be selected by your neighbours to represent you in the halls of 'power'. You know regardless of stripe most politicians at all three levels of government are hard working individuals trying to do what's best. Sure there are a few bad applies but there are only a few.

    Our problem in Canada is sometimes silly statements or actions by leaders and other politcians way more controversial than they need be.

  8. I would find the opinions of "most Canadians" of greater value if more of them got off their duff and voted (among other forms of political engagement) instead of bitching about politicians.

    • Amen to that.

      • Then don't sit there and hector them. If they thought it would make a difference, they would vote. Give them reason to believe it will.

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