Poll: Who’s nastier?


Dana Milbank or Maureen Dowd?

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Poll: Who’s nastier?

  1. Dowd. Dana has fantastic instincts and he should let himself be nastier. Whereas nasty, and the occasional smart turn of phrase, is all Dowd has left.

    Given the context, I believe this is where I should add, “But they’d make fantastic running mates.”

  2. Disagree. Milbank in a walk… he lets the relentless irony do the work for him.

    The simple fact is, Dowd is unreadable. She’s a one-schtick pony — “look at me come up with cutesy names for people” — whose popularity in inexplicable, which might account for why I don’t understand it.

    So how long till Gore announces he’s running?

  3. You know who is nastiest? Daniel Henninger in today’s WSJ.

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