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Potential trouble for Team Canada?

You be the judge


Is it just me or has that easy victory over Germany given Roberto Luongo a big head?


Potential trouble for Team Canada?

  1. He could block alot of pucks with that thing thou!

    Key to victory tonight… Hit em hard, and keep hitting em.

    Russians, and Euros in general, make alot more mistakes when they start hurting, and start fearing the body.

  2. Good luck going top shelf with that lid.

  3. I know I am missing it but….why the boo on Luongo?

    • LUUUUUUUUUU! for Luuuuuuongo!

  4. Question: Does Fleury get a medal if he doesn't play? I think the rules on that vary from sport to sport, but I can't remember what they are for hockey. Do you know, can he get a medal without playing, and if the answer is no, how long would he have to play to be eligible?

    • I think he does. See wikipedia entry regarding Khabibulin below:

      "Khabibulin appeared in the 1992 Winter Olympics with the CIS as the third goaltender. Controversy arose after the CIS captured the gold medal when legendary Russian coach Viktor Tikhonov kept a medal for himself (coaches and management are not awarded medals in Olympic hockey) instead of allowing Khabibulin to have one, as Khabibulin had not played a game in the tournament."