Power to the people’s representatives


Andrew Heard proposes a solution, of sorts.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has riled many Canadians with his second suspension of Parliament in a year. On both occasions, the Prime Minister has shuttered Parliament in order to prevent our elected representatives from doing their most fundamental job of holding the government to account. Such manoeuvring is anti-democratic and demonstrates that it is time to put the decision to prorogue in the hands of the House of Commons … It is time to change the rules and stipulate that no prime minister can advise the prorogation or dissolution of Parliament without a vote to do so in the House of Commons.


Power to the people’s representatives

  1. Hey look Wherry, the new Angus Ried poll has the Conservatives in the exact spot they were in on December 10th.

    Why haven't all your Facebook friends made a differance?

    Better keep sending out those invites to join.

    • That's because, Dakota, it's the same people filling out the forms. Online polls are self-selected; so the weekly email blast goes out to the same people. So it's not surprising the numbers don't move.

      Most people who vote don't have high-speed internet, however, which is a prereq I'd think to be an online panelist.

  2. Care to point us to this poll? You seem to be the only one talking about it.

  3. 153,654 and growing.

    The CONs who dismiss this facebook group are the same CONs embraced last years "Canadians Against a Liberal/NDP Coalition Gov't" which attracted a smaller number of individuals.

    Where is Stephen Taylor anyway? On vacation or just out to lunch?

  4. wow…breaking news! Bored people (mostly tweens) clicking on an invite to join a group!

    Stop the press! Call in the Army!

    • Bored tweens…do you like being wrong 99% of the time D?

  5. This is what I suggested back in Dec 2008. Still a good idea.

    • Is it a good idea? Honest question…is there no reasonable circumstance a minority PM in particular might need to pull the plug? Sigh…probably answered my own question. These precedents Harper keeps setting are very bad for our democracy.

  6. I'd like to hear Iggy or Jack publicly support a parliamentary vote for prorogation or dissolution. That would be a bold move for Iggy, clearly defining him as a democrat. Defines Harpo as a tyrant!

    • Well he just said today that as PM he'd never use proroguation to avoid accountability. I suspect that he'll take the position you just mentioned at a later stop on his tour.

    • Gee, aren't you the charmer?

      It would seem I need more hand-holding: the poll you refer to is an online poll, and the reference is one paragraph. The very next paragraph mentions how the online poll fits in with the latest trend observations of Conservative support in decline.

      But hey, I'm sure your constant mention of this in every Wherry posting, combined with your winning personality is bound to help buck that trend.

  7. Iggy's in town today. Will he come packing a punch? Federal Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, fresh off his holidays vacation in southern France, makes two stops in Metro Halifax today. The Dartmouth waterfront campus of the Nova Scotia Community College will be first on his agenda, followed by a visit to Dalhouse University. It's the launch of a cross-Canada tour to get to know Canadians. However, Ignatieff has turned down repeated invitations to appear on the News 95.7 talk shows and Friday, CTV's Steve Murphy pointed out Ignatieff has rebuffed his requests for a sit-down interview on the supper hour news. What's up with that? If he wants to get to know Canadians, what better opportunities? Word is, Iggy's handlers have him a tight leash and don't want him to stray far from the party message.

    Does this sound like anyone to you? Like, for instance, Stephen Harper? Control the message, limit face time to friendly audiences, stay away from reporters as much as possible?

    The Liberal brain trust seems to copy Harper's tactics in equal measure to their criticism of same.

    Kelly McParland
    National Post

    • After the hatchet job Murphy and CTV pulled during the last election, I think they deserve a cold shoulder from the LPC.

  8. The entire parliamentary system is not democratic! So What. Pulling the plug IS PART OF OUR (UN)DEMOCRATIC SYSTEM. Or didn't you notice? I think the majority of you writing here did notice and only want to hold a bitch session. If the carpetbagger uses his extra free time to make himself more popular, why he can, after the Throne Speech, bring a non-confidence motion into the house and try to win the next election ….. everything else is pure bullscat!

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