‘Practically naked in their straightforward sincerity’


Chart notes one of the more curious inclusions on the Harper family iPod mix—Rural Alberta Advantage. Here’s how Pitchfork summed up the band’s debut record last summer.

Given his reedy tones and preoccupation with the past, it would be easy to compare RAA to Neutral Milk Hotel (the death-haunted lyrics of horn-studded “Luciana” make it the track most easily confused for a lost Jeff Mangum opus). But with more intensely vigorous drumming, more obviously personal lyrics, and a more blatant interest in glossy electro-pop, Edenloff’s band carves out their own niche. It is one that masterfully blends the masculine and the feminine, the refined and the coarse, the dark and the bright.


‘Practically naked in their straightforward sincerity’

  1. I just knew a link to The Globe about The First Family's IPod mix would involve Jane "Giggles" Taber.

    Die, mainstream media, die.

    • You weren't watching the National yesterday. They had Patricia "Pom Pom" Croft on, giggling all the way.

      High C$ – no problem, giggles.

      High deficit – no problem, giggles.

      When the tag line says "Chief Economist, RBC Wealth Management.", the chances of some poor old lady moving all of her savings from bonds to equities and then watching all of it vanish in the next market crash are much greater than say the same old lady doing anything out of the ordinary when Taber giggles about something.

      These national news anchors should stay away from economic reporting, or at least pick better panelists.

  2. But what will all the bloggers do then? Analyze each others' blog posts about the lack of things to analyze?

  3. No "I want to know what a majority is", by Foreigner? What a Wonder Bread list of songs. It reminds me of a line in an Eminem song when he talks about kids being embarrassed that their parents still listen to Elvis.

  4. Necessity is the mother of invention. When the mainstream media is gone, people will be reminded of why a healthy democracy needs real journalism, as opposed to this corporate propaganda and halfway house for ageing courtiers angling for post-career sinecures.

    Sure, it's not going to be easy or pretty…but difficult changes never are.

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