Preview of Entourage, Season 6


Entourage has been renewed for a sixth season. We will now take bets on whether Vince will be back to his old star status within the next couple of years, or whether his career will end up like Drama’s. It’s actually more realistic for someone whose career collapses to come back as a character actor/supporting actor — people who make movies like Medellin usually have to start over again — but based on the fifth season so far, the writers could go either way with Vince: either continue to have his career go down while other characters’ careers are going better, or return things to the status quo. (Full disclosure: I haven’t yet seen last night’s new episode, which I understand was one of those things that was probably much more fun to shoot than to watch.)

I’m assuming that this is a clip from an upcoming episode about Eric moving further into Ari’s territory.



Preview of Entourage, Season 6

  1. Just curious, but this story is showing up in the “popular” box, but this is the first comment? Does popular mean something I’m not cluing into?

  2. I would guess it measures views not comments. I know I glanced at it without commenting.

  3. I’m just feeling like I should apologize to anyone who clicked on this post thinking it would be an actual clip of Entourage season 6. The least I could have done was provided a clip with Nikki Cox and/or Mr. Floppy.

  4. Mike is right. Popular is determined by views, not the number of comments.

  5. man i was hooked on the entourage sreies,i just started the fifth season i havent yet watched the others,im sure there just as good,,,,soooo question is will there for sure be a sixth season ,,,are they shooting it,anything would be cool…i think i enjoy this just a tad bit more than the sopranos…

  6. Well it looks as if Entourage will be coming to an end I am betting….or maybe there might be a few more up the writers sleeves to pull in a season 7? I don’t know really, but I am betting that theres going to be some fictional oscar nomination for that movie he is supposedly going to be doing wtih Scorsese, however, there will be surprise, he might or might not get it so will see what happens.


  8. Season 3 was excellent, season 5 so-so

  9. I read Entourage are scehduled to create seasons up to season 9!
    They have not covered episodes involving christmas/thanks giving/Erics Birthday/easter/Halloween etc so im sure theres plenty more to come

  10. oh and to add on my last comment.. i hugely doubt Entourage will be coming to an end any time soon. Have you saw the amount of brand names that are advertised in it? Consumers must be making a mint as the series is relly popular especially in the States. ..not to mention all the stars that are shown in it.. what a great way to help boost there career :)

    I love Entourage.. From a business point of view its very clever for advertising people and brands and from a gerenal fan of Entourage.. i cant stop watching it. Bring on Season 6 – scheduled to start filming in Jan 2009 woop woop.


  12. I live in oz and I LOVE ENTOURAGE!!!!!! I’m hoping that they get at least another 3 seasons out of it. And more Ari time!!

    Could you U.S. guys maybe publish on here when season 6 comes to you so we know when to start looking for torrents?


  13. The clip was from Kevin Connoly's first show, I believe it was Unhappily Ever After

  14. entourage starts july 12 in the US. Josh if I were you I would look for the actual HD videos, (they usually are in mkv format, 720p, around 700 megs) which get seeded welll and are TOTALLY worth it. If you dont have the memory or the patience to wait then get the other ones, but i promise you wont be disappointed with the 720p versions. If you get HBO HD in Oz then wait for that because HBO HD is in 1080p.

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