Prince George official christening photo is released

The royal photo shoot at Clarence House


UPDATE: Well, it was fun while it lasted. Exactly 24 hours after we posted Jason Bell’s photograph of the post-christening gathering of the Windsor and Middleton families, it was taken down. We had no choice. Under the legal agreement we signed with his agency, Camera Press, we could use the photo for just one day.

You can still view the four officials photos of Prince George, Will and Kate and the Middletons and Windsors on the Clarence House website.

And, here’s a photo of Prince George from the christening that we still can use:

AP Photo/John Stillwell/Pool

And another one:

John Stillwell/Pool/AP


He’s three months old, but Prince George was definitely the centre of attention at his christening, held on Wednesday, Oct. 23 at the Chapel Royal, which was followed by the official photo shoot held nearby at Clarence House. Watching his every move was one Queen (Elizabeth), four princes (Philip, Charles, William, Harry), two duchesses (Camilla, Kate), one earl (godparent Hugh Grosvenor), and a passel of relatives and godparents and spouses. Sure, everyone loves looking at a baby, but honestly, the fact that George was wearing the royal family’s impossibly elaborate christening gown surely helped.


Prince George official christening photo is released

  1. Still no word on a bris I see.

    • wrong religion!…. they’re Anglican….not jewish…so therefore there won’t be a bris….

      • Most Canadian men have been circumcised….a bris….and Prince Charles was circumcised by the Chief Rabbi of England

        Men are now protesting this as male genital mutilation.

        • William and Harry weren’t circumcised. Diana didn’t want it done.

          • I’ve never heard that. Good for Diana!

          • Oh, I’m so glad this information is made public. Because I’m sure William and Harry want us all to know that they have foreskins…and that we discuss it at length…sorry, forgive the pun.

        • I don’t believe most Canadian men have had a bris. My sons weren’t and I’m catholic, my husband wasn’t and he’s Anglican. It wasn’t even considered nor was it required other than for health reasons. If there was a bris it’s no ones’ business anyway. We’re all Canadian too Emilyone. It was done a lot in the 40s and back but not for religious reasons..Doctors believed it was healthier for boys to be circumsized. but by the time my husband was born it was only done outside of religion, if it was deemed necessary by the doctor.

          • Most Canadian men are circumcised….whether your family is or not.

          • Not true. I read an article that says Canada’s current circumcision rate is 32%.

          • EmilyOne,

            Not only do I admire your ability to comment on every Maclean’s article I read, but also your proclivity for online argument with complete strangers, which most of the time it seems leads to a state of your own frustration. In some strange sadomasochistic quadrilateral relationship, you seem to concurrently love Maclean’s, visiting it daily, yet hate Maclean’s and its agenda, care enough about other readers to comment on articles, warning them that they’re being misled or deceived, yet hate Maclean’s readers, constantly attempting to discredit them and tell them they’re all idiots.

            My intentions though for commenting are solely out of shock. Never before have I seen, in both my academic career and internet browsing history, someone reference TWO sources, each negating the exact stance and claim one is trying to make. You claim here, EmilyOne, is that “most Canadian men are circumcised”. The wikipedia link, EmilyOne, the one that you posted, cites the Canadian circumcision rate at 31.9%. 31.9% of all males. Your other article, opting once again for highly esteemed sources, this time ‘The Star’ getting the privilege, cites no Canadian percentage, but claims male circumcision is rapidly falling in Canada, with only 13,157 newborn males across Canada getting the snip “between 2008-09”, and says only 30% of males worldwide are circumcised, 69% of whom are Muslim. Thus, far less than 50% of Canadian males are circumcised. Probably about 31.9%

            I realise of course, the irony in my post. Of “feeding the troll”. Please forgive me, readers who will see this, and as I, 99.9999% of the time do, will choose not to comment, rendering the activity pointless. This though had me absolutely flabbergast. Goodness.

          • I’m sorry, but you have made a complete mess out of the circumcision figures that I posted. I’m always amazed at the sheer illiteracy of Con readers.

            Not only do you simply decide you can judge everything I say and do…..right down to the when and where…..you then proceed to get even sources wrong!

            Wiki is between 20 and 80%

            Nor have you considered the number of men already circumcised years ago….those now in their 20’s, 50’s,80’s….just the current rate for babies. I even tossed in one about adult men getting circumcisions.

            And you haven’t a clue what a troll is…..but you are coming very close to being one in your attempt to bully me. Stop it.

            You don’t talk to a man this way, even if you disagree with him….don’t do so with a woman.

            I don’t see why I should have to explain everything….step by step….to someone who is presumably a grown man.

          • What makes you think Emily One that you can offend people, treated them like morons in your posts (and of course always assuming they are Cons if they disagree with you), but no one can call you on anything! What an ego!

          • Ahhh another bully. Anyone can say anything to me apparently….but I have to be a lady. Hah!

          • She said “most Canadian men are circumcised” not “most Canadian male babies being born nowadays are being circumcised.” Two different things.
            She is likely correct that the prevalence of circumcision amongst Canadian males alive right now is over 50%.
            The current rate of infant circumcision now (~32%) is not relevant. A higher percentage of babies used to be circumcised (maxed at 70-90% in the 60s I think) and they are still around. The current population is everyone, not just babies born this year. The worldwide rate is not relevant, either.
            Canada and the US both had similar very high rates at one time. The US still has them; in Canada it took a sharp drop.

          • You are likely right about Emily’s contention but when she asked when Prince George would be circumcised as though it was a fait accompli based on the fact that his grandfather had been circumcised, Emily’s logic failed and that is how she ran into difficulty as per usual. Trends in medicine develop with research findings and educated new parents usually evolve along with the recommendations. Male circumcision is not really popular among young well educated people who aren’t of a religion that requires it. Therefore, Prince George’s parents won’t likely be having one done.

          • not reliable sources for research.

          • LOL that’s cute.

      • Well… Kate is Jewish, as Jewish go by mother… So the future king is also Jewish… Brith should had been done 9 days after birth, but they still can catch up :)

        • Kate is not Jewish. She’s Anglican.

  2. Beautiful family picture worthy of any mantlepiece and I love the fact that the Queen is smiling!

  3. how astounding that such a nice family picture could lead someone into a rant about something that is and should be private information about a man’s genital. I can’t believe I even wrote that word in the same paragraph as the Queen

      • ah yes we cant forget that we are all the sheep

      • If Justin and Sophie have a boy, will you also lead the conversation debating the state of the boy’s genitalia. Would you care you debate whether his first son is circumcised or not? Maybe when it is your prince you are discussing and you, Emily are the peasant you don’t feel quite as glib about disrespecting his and his family’s right to privacy. Can’t wait until Sophie delivers to hear you talk about the bris…..

        • It involves state religion HI…an important issue in the UK. Now go have some coffee and stop tugging your forelock.

  4. Good to see Harry with his pants on.

  5. It’s none of our business whether or not there has been a circumcision! Enjoy the pictures of this sweet child. I am sick and tired of you nosey people digging into the private lives of people who are in the publics eye. Perhaps you wouldn’t mine dropping your pants and let everyone see the truth about you or let us into your private life’s and share it with the world.
    What a bunch of JERKS!!!!!!! You should be ashamed of your selves. Just think if prince William’s mom Princess Diana had of been left to live her life like everyone else she would still be alive today. We all share the blame in her death.

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