Proactive disclosure (II)


Liberal MP Michelle Simson posts an overview of her office expenses. And explains herself to the Toronto Star.

“I have been a taxpayer a lot longer than I ever have been an MP, and as a taxpayer this was a real bone of contention,” she told the Star. “It in fact goes back to my father and my grandfather. It was all about accountability.”

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Proactive disclosure (II)

  1. What a breath of fresh air. I sure wish she was running in my riding. Keep up the good fight Michelle. Honest and integrity may catch on in parliament, but there's a long list of non-voters due to the credibility gap. You will need a lot more in your party willing to stand up with you, but I believe it will garner your party great rewards if they do.
    "If it will get done it begins with one" or 'if it is to be it starts with me"
    Great words to live by and every great person lives by them.

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