Prorogue? What prorogue?


Beneath a picture of Mr. Harper hard at work, Canwest reprints the text of its conversation with the Prime Minister.


Prorogue? What prorogue?

  1. First we have Mansbridge pitching slow ones straight across the plate. Now CanWest – or is it CanWuss? – plays frickin tee-ball.

    What the hell is going on with the media? Grow some would ya. If the PMO is demanding question approval before granting an interview, then at least report that.

    If the MSM is so dammed petrified of their own decline, then some introspection on quality and ethics might serve. These sorts of "interviews" just drive people away from the MSM. For what this interview was worth, I may as well read Poilievre's 10 percenters.

  2. Complaints of media bias coming from Aaron Wherry? That's a little rich for my taste.

  3. Harper-
    "I have no desire to have a spring election and I don't think anybody does. I certainly don't think the public does. I don't think the intensity of the view there may not be the same but I still don't think anybody wants to see an election. I'm not even convinced the opposition parties want one but that's a judgment they'll have to make themselves."

    One thing I'll say about him – he certainly gives fair warning.

  4. I`m sure the Ottawa media would love to have an interview with Ignatieff or Layton if they could find them.

  5. Very insightful little interview .. providing you actually read it! Most especially about the senate appointments note Harper answer to Akins regarding what Harper ' could ' do providing he thinks he is being pushed into it by the senate.. ROFL .. this could get very interesting indeed and no doubt makes Liberals let loose in their electoral depends.

  6. "Beneath a picture of Mr. Harper hard at work"

    Wouldn't it be more accurate to say "beneath a picture of the prime minister posing as if he is hard at work?"

  7. It's not like if they asked him about the prorogation he would have said anything different. But now that you point it out I realise that by proroguing parliament all political news and attention is devoted to that issue (which isn't a bread and butter issue) and no one is talking about detainee abuse, the afghan mission in general, misuse of stimulus funds, oversize novelty cheques, the future of the federation, securities regulator.
    Oh but the PM has managed to get Senate reform back in the media with the spin that it's been obstructed by appointed liberals.
    At what point will the media drop prorogation? Will it continue right until the Olympics? Maybe a politician will make a racist comment on the twitter. That would change the story.

    • right on! – strategy ——-you should of seen him 'act' in Clg. as reform………downright mean and self centred to get where he is, he'll do anything to be the big gun
      he ran right over the 'good guy' back then and the media were no help – I still think media is biased and that helps a party a lot
      we should get back to fact reporting!!

      I'd go for an election while some people still have a memory to add up all the rotten things he's lied about but then we all vote 3 or 4 parties, split a vote hoping for minority and look what happens

      it was 1987 when they reform wanted elected officials in senate………………and the conservatives of the time didn't and now try and blame it on the liberals.

  8. But that interview is three weeks old and if I am to believe what I read we are in a democratic crisis in the country now and the only Liberal I`ve seen being interviewed on TV in the past week has been Joe Volpe and he seemed to be practising his acceptance speech at the next leadership convention.

  9. I'm not about to assume any strategic coherence on the part of the Liberals, but they may be adhering to the adage that one should simply step back when one's opponent is throwing themselves over a cliff (or however it's usually phrased).

    • Finally, Liberal strategists are realizing that the best way to beat the Conservatives is to let them beat themselves.

  10. "Some truth there was, but dash'd and brew'd with lies, To please the fools, and puzzle all the wise."

    — John Dryden, Absalom and Achitophel

  11. Yea that pretty much settles it. Was it an April date people were talking about?, or May?

  12. I'm guessing April. The Conservatives can probably do better with Ontario 'snowbirds' via mail, which would argue in favour of doing it before they return for the summer.

  13. Yeah I read, Akin's "explanation". He is a generally fine journalist and I usually enjoy reading his pieces. Funny he thought he needed to explain this one. I wonder how many times in his career he's felt a need to preemptively defend something he's written? I'd guess not often. Regardless, it seems more like after the fact hand waving than solid journalistic logic. I think the Post soft-balled the interview – for who knows what reason -, they know it, and they are more than a bit sensitive about it.

    I'm more pissed about the overall trend towards shallow, meek journalism that I am about this particular piece.

  14. About the photo:

    Contrary to reports you may have read elsewhere Harper DID NOT kick his shoes off and order a large double double Timmy Hortons and say "it's coffeeeee time til March!!!!" 2 seconds after the picture was clicked.

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